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Multi-Genre Festival Magnetic Fields To Be Held In Rajasthan In December

Festival organizer and electronica producer Munbir Chawla on how Rajasthan got its third festival

Rolling Stone India Oct 16, 2013
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Magnetic Fields

A brand new festival joins a wave of festivals that make up the Indian gig calendar. Called Magnetic Fields, the three-day festival is being co-organized by online music resource Wild City with Delhi-based couture clothing brand 11.11 by Cell DSGN, artists collective WeThePpl, Delhi-based design firm THOT, and is slated to be held at Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan in December. The first list of artists includes Berlin-based electronica artist Robert Koch, Mumbai electro rock band Shaa’ir+Func, Delhi’s Midival Punditz and London-based Shiva Sound System among others.

This  is the third festival to be held in the state including Rajasthan International Folk Festival in Jodhpur and Ragasthan in Jaisalmer. Chawla tells us why Rajasthan was the chosen venue and more in this interview:

How long has the festival been in the works?

We’ve been talking about this festival for quite some time. And the perfect team formed earlier this year. It’s been a long-term plan and we’re excited to see it finally take shape.

What influenced your choice of artists? We were honestly expecting a full-blown electronica line up considering Wild City focuses on this genre

Wild City has almost been pigeon-holed into the ”˜electronica’ realm and rightly so. We’re big fans. Yet, it’s not our only focus. We wanted to showcase music from the across the spectrum and not be a festival that was just about big stages and names ”“ rather acts that we’re all really into. Music is of course the backbone, although we’re also hoping to provide an experience ”“ everything from the food, installations, workshops and aesthetics are being carefully curated.  It’s the entire package.

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There’s RIFF and Ragasthan there already. Why did your square down on Rajasthan and why Alsisar?

One of the major things we were keen on, was having everyone stay on site. We’d already been through 2 potential venues before eyeing in on Alsisar Mahal. And, to be honest, it’s perfect. The location, the venue, the partners. It all just made sense.

 Your festival teaser was one of the most refreshing of the lot we’ve seen this year. How was it incepted?

The idea was to fuse the traditional Rajasthani tradition with the new age culture through Robert Koch’s track, who is also going to be playing at the festival. The man featured in the video is actually the palace guard at Alsisar and has worked there all his life. So through the teaser, we wanted to showcase the ideology of the festival whilst not giving away too much. And the video was shot by Sachin Soni.

Magnetic Fields will be held on December 13th, 14th and 15th at Alsisar Mahal in Shekawati, Rajasthan. Check out the Magnetic Fields website here for more details and updates.

Check out the teaser below:

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