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Mumbai Alternative Act Barty’s Path to Release Debut Album

Mumbai composer Arjun Iyer, from electro-acoustic act Gumbal and experimental rock band Eatshootleave, floats new project

Rolling Stone India Sep 17, 2014
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Arjun Iyer. Photo: Tabish Photography

Arjun Iyer. Photo: Tabish Photography

Early this year, Mumbai vocalist, guitarist and composer Arjun Iyer launched experimental electro-acoustic project Gumbal with his bassist friend Satish Sridhar. While Gumbal’s debut EP A For was a surprise release, Iyer has now launched his solo alternative/world music project Barty’s Path.

Taking a break from recording at his home studio in Mumbai, Iyer, who is also part of experimental rock band Eatshootleave, jokes that he has no idea whether Barty’s Path is the name of his solo album or the name of the project. Says Iyer, “I’ve got some decent software and I’m just too lazy to go to people’s houses and record.” The artist, however, adds that he does have a violinist and a flautist in mind to record real instruments.

As is evident from “Valor/Squalor,” the first single released last week, Barty’s Path is orchestral music, although currently being created with guitar, bass, a computer and a MIDI keyboard.

Like with Gumbal’s concept EP A For, Barty’s Path’s upcoming album has elements of world music. Says Iyer, “It’s the journey of this one guy across countries, so it is a concept album in a broad sense, even though they [the songs] are not linked as a story.” Iyer started writing songs in July, but took three weeks to finish writing “Valor/Squalor.” Says Iyer, “I took a long time for that song because it would set the tone for the rest of the album.”

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Iyer has wrapped up recording three more songs, including “I Found Tyche!” which has a Serbian gypsy groove to it and another “chilled out one” which is tentatively titled “Everyone Has Moved.” Says Iyer, “I’m thinking of just releasing the full album in mid-October.” The artist adds that he and Sridhar, who recently moved from Delhi to Mumbai, are jamming on new Gumbal material as well. Says Iyer, “I don’t think it’s going to be similar to A For, it might be in a jazz-rock space.”

Listen to “Valor/Squalor” here

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