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Mumbai Artist Honey Joshi Calls Out Toxicity on Debut Rock Single ‘Disappear’

The heavy track includes crunchy guitars, thumping drums and soaring vocals

David Britto Jan 28, 2021

Mumbai rock artist Honey Joshi. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Mumbai rock artist Honey Joshi’s first tryst with music began when she began learning to play the flute as a child. However, it was only while going through four years of engineering college when Joshi played in a band and interacted with other musicians that she found her calling. She says, “It was very inspiring.” The singer then began attending open mics and scoring gigs while also taking vocal classes to up her game. Now, Joshi is out with her grungy debut single “Disappear.”

The new song draws from Joshi’s rock and pop influences such as Nirvana, Beth Hart, Adele and Kelly Clarkson. The singer-songwriter penned “Disappear” about two years ago but only got to fleshing it out last February. Joshi says, “We had to put the complete production on hold until after the lockdown passed.”

The heavy rock track features distorted guitars, a thumping groove, a slinky solo as well as Joshi’s soaring vocals. According to the artist, “Disappear” represents a time in her life when things were dark and turbulent. “This song is meant to be an instrument to call out toxicity and manipulative behavior for what it is. It’s self-realization, that in the end, the best way to deal with life is to not care and to disappear,” says Joshi. She adds, “It shouldn’t hurt to cut someone out and stand up for yourself.”

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Joshi recorded the song at Panvel’s XyberFunk Studios where it was produced, mixed and mastered by Nikhil Bhave, who also contributed drums to the track while Saachi Mendon played guitar on it. “Collaborating with artists who are also long-time friends makes it such an engaging and enriching learning experience,” says Joshi.

The singer-songwriter is also quick to point out that she’s an avid follower of the country’s independent music scene and some of her favorite artists include Kalyaani, Aditi Ramesh and Ladies Compartment. Joshi tells us that she’s written a lot more material since “Disappear” came out earlier this month. She says, “There are a few songs that are in the pipeline but with production being the goliath task that it is, it seems like it’ll take a few long months until something is out.”

Stream “Disappear” below and on other platforms.

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