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Mumbai Artist SOS Provides Earthy Sounds on Debut EP ‘Play Lofi at My Funeral’

The record also incudes a host of collaborations

David Britto Dec 09, 2020

Mumbai songwriter/rapper SOS. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Mumbai songwriter/rapper Vrindam Nagpal aka SOS first had his tryst with music as a kid playing drums and tabla. Once he reached college, Nagpal began writing songs. He says, “I felt disconnected with law school. It’s not that I was bad academically, but I felt dissatisfied with my life and wanted to do more.” Since then, he’s focused on working on music a lot more and is now out with his six-track debut EP titled Play Lofi at My Funeral.

SOS began putting the songs for the record together earlier this year before he got to refining the tracks along with like-minded artists. He says, “I’m a huge believer in collaborations and I think this record has only become better because of the featuring artists.” According to him, the EP includes some of his most honest songwriting while also consisting of laidback melodies that represent him as a rapper. “Lo-fi music just fit in well with how I’m feeling right now. This project blends western pop sounds and sensibilities with the rhythm and flow of desi hip-hop.”

Nagpal explains that the tracks on the EP have a touch of melancholy on them. From the dreamy opening offering “Intro” to the moody mid-record song “Raat” featuring producer Remy and the intrinsic record closer “Ooh Yeah” with fellow rapper Psycho Sky.

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There’s a music video out for “Sorry (Lofi Freeverse)” and SOS is also prepping more visuals for the other tracks from the EP too. The artist plans to continue with songwriting and wants to venture into different soundscapes. “I know I want to do this for life so my pans for 2021 are already in motion,” he says.

Stream ‘Play Lofi at My Funeral’ on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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