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Mumbai Musicians Take To Stage For An All Night Jam

Dream Makers Artist Management’s second anniversary to feature jam sets by Mumbai bands with guest spots from Luke Kenny and Whirling Kalapas

Rolling Stone India Nov 27, 2012
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The Family Cheese

Last year, Shreya Naik celebrated the anniversary of her year-old Mumbai artist management agency, Dream Makers, by hosting a gig at her Mumbai Central house with Nigel Rajaratnam, Spud In The Box Vasuda Sharma and Shefali Alvares, four artists who had been signed on by her agency. This year, as her roster has grown to accommodate 13 acts in India, Naik plans to throw open a night of friendly jams with pop rock act Spud In The Box, hiphop band Bombay Bassment and Chennai’s jazz rock trio The Family Cheese among others at Blue Frog Mumbai. “It will be a night of collaborations,” she says.

While singer songwriter Imli Imchen will perform a solo set, vocalists Vasuda Sharma and Rachel Varghese will be a part of jam sets. Mumbai pop rock band Spud In The Box, who have previously jammed with Indus Creed’s acoustic side project Whirling Kalapas, will take to stage with them again. “Mahesh [Tinaikar] is so fond of them,” says Naik, “They [Spud In The Box] are just 19 and 20-year olds and look up to these guys, so they never miss an opportunity to perform with them.” Later, Spud In The Box will also be joined by Vivek Rajagopalan on the mrigandam and flute. “We weren’t sure how it would sound, but it’s looking good,” adds Naik, after the band’s soundcheck. Chennai jam band The Family Cheese, which performed at the Live From The Console in July, and recently relocated to Mumbai in August this year, are also a part of the second anniversary gig. “Luke Kenny will join them for their set and will be singing and playing the keyboards after a very long time.”

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For 2013, Naik is hoping to look for talent outside Mumbai. “In fact, I would like to sign on and manage an international act and make our local acts go international,” she says, adding that she will be making a lot of announcements about new bands she has signed, collaborations that will take place and touring dates at the Dream Makers’ sophomore anniversary show.

Artist Line-up

Imli Imchen

Reuel Benedict

Sasha Vs Panda feat. Anand Bhagat and Chirayu Vedekar

Winit Tikoo feat. Tejas Narayan (Harbour Light)

Vasuda Sharma feat. Ruell Barretto (Bombay Bassment), Roshni Baptist, Donny Lama, Vivaan Kapoor (Spud In The Box)

Whirling Kalapas feat. Spud In The Box

Spud In The Box feat. Vivek Rajgopalan

The Family Cheese feat. Rachel Varghese, Luke Kenny

Dream Makers 2nd Anniversary will take plan on November 28 at Blue Frog Mumbai, 8.30pm onwards. Entry free.



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