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Mumbai-based Electronica Producer Nanok Releases New Album

Nu-disco/deep house producer Nanok releases new album Death By Shoelaces

Jessica Kilbane Mar 24, 2014
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Jai Vaswani


Mumbai-based electronica producer Jai Vaswani, known by his moniker Nanok, released his seven-track EP Death By Shoelaces last week. The collection of upbeat, groovy tracks features collaborations with artists such as Delhi electronica producer Dualist Inquiry, Mumbai singer-songwriter Reisa Nongrum and Mumbai-based vocalist Ashna Roy.

Growing up, Vaswani played several instruments including the harmonica, flute, tabla as well as the piano until he was introduced to DJing by a friend. Beginning as a guest DJ at clubs and smaller venues, he developed an ear for dance beats. Says 26-year-old Vaswani, “I always wanted to compose my own music. DJing was something I saw and was fascinated by, it’s something I started loving.”  After a stint in London to study music production at Point Blank Music College, the producer released his first album Bitter in 2011, a compilation that turned electro-dance on its head. His recently-released single, “Rescue Me,” features on the compilation album Subterra, released last month by Dualist Inquiry’s new label, Dualism Records.

Nanok’s newest album, Death By Shoelaces, reflects his current musical fascination ”“ nu-disco. Says Vaswani, “I’ve always loved disco music. I took to nu-disco and deep house because it was fresh and different.” The artist, who is a huge fan of collaborations, has not less than five vocal tracks on the album. “Pillow Talk” features guitar work by Sahej Bakshi and “Déjà vu” is with vocalist Nongrum, who contributed vocals for two songs on Vaswani’s previous album. “Freak” features vocals by Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Sahil Dhandiya, who released his debut album It’s About Time this year, which was mixed and mastered by Vaswani. The album is sprinkled with funky loops and paired with easy drum patterns. Says Vaswani, “The one guideline that I had while making this record was to make music that can be listened to at any time of the day. I didn’t want it to be restricted by spaces either ”“ so it works as easy listening at one time, and a party playlist at another.”

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As far as live performances go, Vaswani will play the album in entirety ”“ including some older tracks as well as some unreleased remixes. He also plans to incorporate old school disco into his sets, while holding onto his fascination for nu disco.

Nanok performs at Cafe Zoe, Mumbai, on March 29th, 2014. Event details here.


Stream Death By Shoelaces, now available for free download:

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