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Mumbai Beatboxer B-Cube Represents India at Asia Beatbox Championship in Taiwan

The 21-year-old scored a wild card entry into this year’s pan-Asian competition after winning India’s first National Beatbox Championship last year

David Britto Sep 04, 2017

21-year-old Mumbai beatboxer Bhavesh Sharma a.k.a B-Cube became the first ever Indian to participate in the Asia Beatbox Championship last month. Photo: Courtesy of India Beatbox Championship

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Last December, 21-year-old Mumbai beatboxer Bhavesh Sharma a.k.a. B-Cube won the first Indian National Beatbox Championship, which took place at the Hornbill Music Festival in Nagaland. The competition witnessed battles between the top 32 Indian beatboxers from all over the country. “I couldn’t believe that I actually won the national championship at Hornbill. I felt others were better and more skilled than me, I just got lucky,” says Sharma.

The national beatbox champion”“who has been beatboxing since the age of 14”“went on to receive a wild card entry invitation to the Asia Beatbox Championship 2017 in Taiwan. The championship, was held last month and saw 300 participants from 18 countries in Asia. Sharma became the first Indian to ever participate in the competition, and dropped some sick beats with powerful trap flows that were cheered on by the live audience and people watching online around the world. “It was a crazy experience, I got to see how the beatbox scene works internationally, got to learn a lot from other beatboxers, shared skills, shared knowledge and improved myself,” says Sharma.

Sharma”“who didn’t make it past the elimination round”“was thrilled just to share the stage with Asia’s best beatboxers. “I found out about the things I have to work more on, so it was only learning from this championship,” says the beatboxer. Sharma was also able to show off his skills to his idol, U.K. beatboxer Reeps One, who was one of the judges at the event. “It was actually a dream I’ve had as a kid to beatbox in front of Reeps One,” says Sharma.

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The beatboxer’s future plans include travelling and performing more. Sharma intends to meet different beatboxers to share skills and keep growing as an artist. “Learning never ends, so my only goal is to learn,” explains Sharma. The young artist is also in the process of learning music production so that he can build his own tracks.

Watch B-Cube’s performance at the Asia Beatbox Champion 2017 here.


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