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Mumbai black metal band releases new video

Heathen Beast’s latest video cashes in on the festive fervor

Rolling Stone India Oct 01, 2012
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Heathen Beast -Drowning Of The Elephant God

Mumbai death metal band, Heathen Beast, has a flair for topicality. In 2010, they released their debut EP, Ayodhya Burns, that offered their verdict of the Babri Masjid. Now, just when the Ganpati festivities have just drawn to a close, the black metallers, who are known to be atheists, bring it back to life with their track, “Drowning Of The Elephant God,” from their EP by the same name.

The black-and-white video for “Drowning Of The Elephant God” mixes ear-splitting screeches with ”˜Ganpati Bappa Moriya’ chants. However, unlike “Bakras To The Slaughter”, their first video from Drowning Of The Elephant God, which was taken off YouTube for its graphic, shocking content, this one won’t get flagged. Produced by Danish RD from Rockology Designz, the song’s lyrics: “Thousands of heads adorn the beach/ For days after and after/ Dead flowers and empty prayers/ Mother did weep, she did despair” address idol worship  and environmental pollution, a theme they worked in their last song, “Contaminating The Ganges.” 

A good five and a half minutes into the video, the footage of processions and revelers is abruptly cut short with some not-so-slick animation of a rat surveying the scene ”“ a wonderland of disfigured Ganeshas. An all-towering Buddha is at the centre of it all, but soon, an eagle swoops down, bringing the video to an end. Not much left to imagination here.

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Watch the video here: 



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