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Listen: Mumbai Blues/Rock Band The Tripp’s Debut EP ‘Superhuman’

The band showcase everything from alt rock to psychedelic blues on their four-track release, which they launch in Mumbai tonight

Anurag Tagat Jun 16, 2016
The Tripp have released their debut EP 'Superhuman'. Photo by Blake D'Silva.

The Tripp have released their debut EP ‘Superhuman’. Photo by Blake D’Silva.

While talking to Mumbai blues/rock band The Tripp’s bassist David Britto and guitarist Ralcus Aguiar, the band says their new material has dance-y elements to blues and pop influences. “It’s catchy, fun music,” says Britto, after he’s reeled off the genres, while Aguiar just manages to mock-seriously say, “It’s ridiculous.”

Aguiar joined six-member band in late 2014, nearly two years after the band was originally formed. Britto recalls, “Ralcus is my neighbor and because our original guitarist wasn’t available, I asked him to play but we really wondered if he could fit in.” The band now has three guitarists, with Rinaldo D’Souza and Keegan Moraes all interchangeably playing rhythm and lead guitars. Says Aguiar, “The sound’s got heavier, I add more funk style guitars.”

Artwork for The Tripp's debut EP 'Sumerhuman' by Chrysologus D'mello.

Artwork for The Tripp’s debut EP ‘Sumerhuman’ by Chrysologus D’mello.

Superhuman, recorded with Mumbai studio engineer Ayan De, extends to fall into the general rock category more than their bluesy 2014 debut single “Troublemaker.” But the band maintains that the blues is still the bedrock of their sound. “We’re all still very much into the blues, but we add different elements to spice it up.” The four-track EP ranges from the straight-up [“Superhuman”] to the soaring [“Coming Home”] to the slow jam [“How I Lose Track of Time”], all in 18 minutes.

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The Tripp launch the EP at Blue Frog, with an opening set from Mumbai alt rock band Twisted Paradox today. They’ve already worked up at least five new songs apart from the EP, and also plan to throw in a cover version of “Slybounce” by Mumbai electronica artist Sandunes, which was originally intended for video series No Cover Charge.

Although they don’t have CDs to sell at the gig, The Tripp is relying more on T-shirts for sales. Preferring to keep the EP on sale online. Aguiar says, “Everyone is obsessed with how to get people to hear the music but not worried about them finally enjoying it. This is why we’re happy to sell it [the EP] digitally.”

Listen to ‘Superhuman’ below. Buy the EP on OKListen


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