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Mumbai Choreographer Suresh Mukund Nominated For an Emmy

The dancer’s group Kings United won the global reality show ‘World of Dance’ recently

Jessica Xalxo Jul 19, 2019

The Emmy nomination isn’t the first of Suresh Mukund’s prestigious recognitions.

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Mumbai choreographer Suresh Mukund has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the ‘Choreography for Variety or Reality Program’ category. Earlier this year in May, Mukund led his hip-hop dance crew Kings United (also known as The Kings) to victory on NBC’s global reality show World of Dance. The three nominated acts from the show comprise his choreography to the Bollywood songs “Malhari” and “Yeh Raat,” and German composer Carl Orff’s version of the medieval poem O Fortuna which opened the group’s final winning performance to the Tollywood song “Aadevadanna Eedevadanna.” Their performances on the show were not only met with awe and standing ovations by the judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough, but also, world-wide recognition and acclaim.    

Suresh Mukund tells Rolling Stone India, “We all are happy, not only me, the entire team, because we have been working hard for so many years. We all have been together for 12 years and had started basically from scratch, from nowhere.” The group had no source in the Indian entertainment industry and paved a path for themselves by first participating in little competitions. “It’s been a great journey with lots of ups and downs. Since the time we had started, we have been on a lot of reality shows and also earlier, we had been bronze medalists at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship and then after that, finally, winners of World of Dance. So, we have been working consistently for many years and after all the hard work, we got this, one of the biggest achievements that I can feel right now – the nomination for the Emmy Award. I’m the first choreographer from our country to be nominated for an Emmy. Everyone is excited and hopeful that I win this award,” he says. 

The Emmy nomination isn’t the first of Mukund’s prestigious recognitions. The 31-year-old dancer and choreographer is no stranger to the world stage. Kings United were not only bronze medalists at 2015’s World Hip Hop Dance Championship, but also the first Indian crew to secure the position. As co-creator of the Fictitious Dance Group (later known as the Suresh and Vernon Group), Mukund also kissed victory on the Indian reality television shows Boogie Woogie (2009), Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (2010) and India’s Got Talent (2011). The Bollywood movie ABCD 2 was based on the group’s journey to the 2012 World Hip Hop Dance Championship where they placed eighth, being the first-ever Indian group to enter the competition. 

Suresh Mukund believes that anything is possible if only one chooses to believe in themself. He shares, “Even when I was nothing twelve years back, I had a strong vision. The time when I started, there was no scene in dancing, there were no reality shows, there was nothing. But still, I believed in myself [thinking] that someday, I might be the person to open up the opportunity and it literally happened. People are now looking up to me as I’ve now opened the platform internationally and given hope to so many dancers. So, I feel like anything is possible in life.”

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