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Mumbai Deep House Producer Jeh Teams Up with Greek Artist Amés On Futuristic Single ‘Wherever You Want’

The new song features dance elements juxtaposed with moody textures

David Britto Dec 11, 2020

Mumbai producer Jeh. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Mumbai deep house/dance music producer Jehangir Khambata aka Jeh grew up in a household that appreciated music. From listening to bands such as Duran Duran and Coldplay to hearing classical records played by his father and grandfather, there was no shortage of melodies to choose from for him. He soon picked up the piano, guitar and ukulele before slowly delving into the world of music production.

Although he began writing alternative and pop music in 2018, he only got into house music this year. Jeh says, “I have never felt more at home.” With four releases already added to his name in 2020, the producer is now out with his latest banging beats on “Wherever You Want,” released via TheLatestSounds, and featuring Greek artist Amés.

According to Jeh, he feels that underground deep house is extremely popular at the moment and is going to be the next big wave in electronic music. He says, “I wanted to make something that had dark tones but at the same time was slightly more radio-friendly and different in terms of its structure.” The song features a futuristic twist and blends the moody textures with stomping grooves quite efficiently. On working with Amés, Jeh says, “He’s extremely talented and I have been following him for a while. I sent him the initial idea and when he worked on the track with me, he literally took it to the next level.”

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Currently, the producer is working on more tracks. Jeh is also looking at the bigger picture and mentions that he wants to reshape the house music scene in India. He says further, “At the end of the day I make music because it makes me happy and the feeling you get when you make something that other people can connect with and love is unreal.”

Stream “Wherever You Want” on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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