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Mumbai Duo Drum Ani Bass Translate the Chaos of The City on New Album ‘1403’

The live electronica duo have also featured collaborators such as Ron Cha, Warren Mendonsa, Vasundhara Vee, Azamaan Hoyvoy and the late Karan Joseph on the record

David Britto Jan 04, 2021

Mumbai live electronica duo Drum Ani Bass. Photo: Rishabh

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Mumbai live electronica duo Drum Ani Bass, comprising drummer Dhir Mody and bassist Nathan Thomas aka NATE08, have been jamming and honing their sound for the last four years. However, it was only in January of 2019 that the pair set in motion a plan to release their music. Mody says, “Live sets give us more clarity on how the listeners are perceiving or hearing the music and a direction for us to tweak the sounds further.” Taking cues from gigs, last month, Drum Ani Bass dropped their debut seven-track album 1403.

The entire record is an extension of Thomas and Mody’s jam sessions at their Mumbai apartment (the album’s title comes from the flat number). According to them, the songs are about the tension and release one might experience while living in a city like Mumbai. “The order and chaos of things around you,” adds Mody.

While Mody offers melodic syncopated drumming and Thomas’ gritty low end fills the sound, there’s also various styles of music the band plays with. 1403 includes everything from drum and bass (of course) and dub to jungle and jazz. Drum Ani Bass have also enlisted stellar collaborators across the record such as multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Azamaan Hoyvoy on the bouncy and previously released single “King of Good Times,” beatmaker Yung. Raj and singer Vasundhara Vee come on board for the groovy “Mind of No Mind” while guitarist Warren Mendonsa (from blues rockers Blackstratblues) and producer Sid Shirodkar (of electro-jazz outfit Ape Echoes) feature on the eerie “40P/Väisälä” along with more collaborators. Mody says, “Our vision for each song had specific needs and those sounds could be achieved with collaborations. Having played with each one of them we knew how perfectly they would fit.”

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One collaboration that does stand out on the record is the synth leaning and dynamic tempo changing “Dudhpuff.” The track features the late pianist Karan Joseph. “KJ had to be on this,” says Mody. He adds, “The tune that he’s on is like an interlude of sorts which was recorded in an attic on Azamaan’s farmhouse in 2016. Drum Ani Bass was not even a thing then.”

Drum Ani Bass recorded 1403 at Mumbai’s Island City Studios and self-produced it with help from Yung.Raj on “Mind of No Mind.” The album was mastered by Shirodkar. The duo have also released a set of visuals to go with the music designed by graphic artist Sachin Bhatt as well as a 1403 apparel line. For what’s in store next, Mody says, “More music and more collaborations.”

Stream ‘1403’ on Spotify below and on other platforms

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