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Mumbai Electro Rock Band Pentagram Release New Single

Titled “Don’t Have To Lie,” the track is a mix of electronica, rock and grunge

Rolling Stone India Jul 30, 2014
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Pentagram | Photo Credit: Sony India

While Pentagram’s last release Skank Be The Rock, where the band revisited their old hits and reworked them into reggae versions established yet again how versatile the band is, their new track “Don’t Have To Lie,” may just be a taste of their brand new fifth album in the making. The song, which was composed for the second season of Project Resound is a mix of electronica, rock and grunge. Says guitarist Randolph Correia, “I think it’s Pentagram all the way through. Our fans always kick our ass for doing commercial projects, but I think they will dig this tune.” Correia is seen flaunting his white SG that delivers some seething riffs on “Don’t Have To Lie,” while vocalist Vishal Dadlani seems to have taken a shine to a military costume of sorts, decking out for the first time for a video.

The band, comprising Correia, Dadlani on vocals, Makarand ‘Papal’ Mane on bass and Shiraz Bhattacharya on drums, are prepping for the release of their next album, which is due to release later this year. Adds Correia, “As musicians and producers, we might have got too used to writing tracks for various projects other than Pentagram, so it’s always a challenge to finish a Pentagram track all the way without any compromise. As songwriters, we get in a room, brainstorm and blast it out.”

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Listen to “Don’t Have To Lie”

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