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Mumbai Electro-Rockers the Western Ghats Release Pleasant Debut Single ‘Humne Bhi’

The band is also currently working on their debut album

David Britto Jun 03, 2020

Mumbai electro-rock band the Western Ghats. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Formed last year in Mumbai by keyboardist-producer Sunil George, vocalist Aryaendra Shekhar and guitarist Kaleb Shaji, the Western Ghats set out to write folk music juxtaposed with pop-rock and electronica elements. The band has done exactly that with their debut single, the delightful “Humne Bhi.”

The musicians began writing the song this past January and have created a tune filled with synths, bright acoustic guitar strumming, clever arpeggios, dynamics as well as strong and hooky vocals. Shekhar says, “‘Humne Bhi’ brings out the contrast between an unreal state of being ‘woke’ or ‘informed’ filled with immaturity, and an actual state of realization about things in life.” He adds, “It tries to capture a journey of an individual, creating their own path to achieving their desired goals.”

“Humne Bhi” was recorded at George’s home studio. “The guitar parts took almost two entire days with the entire band in the house deciding on what to keep and what to change,” says the producer. Sound engineer Jayakrishnan Nalinkumar mixed and mastered the track.

The band was also planning on shooting a music video for the song in March but had to put that on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Western Ghats have now turned their attention to finishing up their yet to be titled debut eight-track album. “The album will be containing a few songs completely electronic, a few rock, some chill and folk numbers too,” says Shekhar. Next, the band will release an R&B single called “Din.”

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Stream the “Humne Bhi” on Spotify below and click here to listen to it on other platforms.