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Mumbai Hard Rock Band Overhung Ready Debut Album

While vocalist Sujit Kumar is now operating from the U.S. and is slated to return for a tour in April, the band has roped in vocalists such as heavy metal band Albatross’s Biprorshee Das, singer Anand Bhaskar and more

Rolling Stone India Feb 19, 2015
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Overhung in Mumbai in November 2013. Photo: Prashin Jagger

For all the raunchiness that is evident from Mumbai hard rock band Overhung’s persona ”“ their 2012 debut EP Extended 4Play featured songs like “Casual Bitch” ”“ there’s much more to the band than rock ”˜n roll hedonism. Says guitarist Howard Pereira, “I’d read an article about female infanticide and it really got to me. And then in five minutes, we wrote a song called ”˜Waste,’ which is about the education system, female infanticide and religion.”

Pereira admits that “Waste” is one of their few ”˜serious’ songs, and jokes about how one of their old outtakes, a song called “On My Own,” still hasn’t made it to their upcoming debut album Moving Ahead, due in April. Pereira adds with a laugh, “That song is still on its own.” Finally, 10 tracks made it to Moving Ahead, which took about two years to wrap up.

Since their original vocalist and founding member Sujit Kumar has moved to Virginia, tours have been tougher to arrange, although Overhung were in the midst of an India tour before Kumar, who was back in the country, had to fly back to the US for personal reasons last week. The band has roped in five vocalists to fill in for the only show at Hard Rock Cafe, Worli, that they couldn’t cancel after Kumar left the country for personal commitments. Biprorshee Das from heavy metallers Albatross, Anand Bhaskar from fusion act Anand Bhaskar Collective, Mumbai-based Sheldon Savio Pereira, drummer-vocalist Louis Dsouza and hard rock band Depth’s vocalist Spencer Pereira. Filling in for Dixon on the drums is multi-instrumentalist Agnelo Picardo, from acoustic band Dischordian. Guitarist Pereira adds that all vocalists will be performing the band’s original songs from Moving Ahead and Extended 4Play at the gig. He adds, “I’m happy that everyone is doing songs from the album, we don’t just want to play covers.”

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Overhung performs at Hard Rock Café, Worli on February 19th, 2015. Entry: Rs 250 + Rs 250 (cover charge) Event details here.

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