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Mumbai Hip-Hop Artist Mizuchi Finds A New Sound on ‘Myth’ EP

His third collection of songs, the 20-year-old rapper-producer also has plans to launch sustainable streetwear label

Anurag Tagat Aug 05, 2020

Mumbai/Boston-based hip-hop artist Mizuchi. Photo: Diya Correa

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On “Bombay,” the buoyant opening track off his new EP Myth, Mumbai/Boston rapper Mizuchi aka Varun Kapadia fires off immediately: “Fuck a label when they say they only want Gully/I’m the first of my kind, call that a dynasty.”

References to Bollywood, samples of what Mizuchi describes as “Indian ethnic elements” and more part of the four-track slick trip. Following up his 2019 record The Kid In The House and 2018’s All My Spirits, the rapper-producer started out on SoundCloud in 2017 and has since found mileage in India and the U.S. (where he’s currently studying music and psychology) for songs like “Prometheus” and more recently, “Brown Boy.” He says of the latter track, “I was in college and making a beat and it was kind of the desi version of ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X. That became ‘Brown Boy’ and I thought, ‘This could be my identity.” He adds later in the interview, “I’m trying to create a new brown sound. Transculturalism is the future.”

Myth is certainly a step in that direction for the 20-year-old, even though Mizuchi has had a somewhat whirlwind time creating it. Originally plotting out an album made entirely in Mumbai while he was in quarantine with his parents, Mizuchi finished the record in May. “I sat on it for a while and had this epiphany and thought, ‘This isn’t it.’ I can do more and not just imitate or impersonate other artists I dig,” he says. Despite what he describes as a “hectic month,” songs like “Bombay” and the trap-laced “Sunroof” were created and the R&B-informed title track and buoyant closer “Phantom” followed. The artist adds that it’s just a prologue to more work that will secure his footing in both, the U.S. and India. He adds, “Indian hip-hop is not just gully, there’s so many artists on the come up and creating their own sub-genres.”

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One of the more vital part of Mizuchi’s aesthetic are his music videos. “Brown Boy” and “Big Bag” brought together typical hip-hop elements and also aired on Vh1 in India. “My mom had Vh1 on the whole week on T.V.,” Mizuchi says with a laugh. While lockdown is preventing another music video at the moment, the artist has plans to move back to Boston to resume his course later this year. There’s also a streetwear and fashion label that Mizuchi has been working on since 2018 with a friend, called YV Streetwear. He adds, “I’m really just excited for this COVID to just fuck off.”

Listen to ‘Myth’ EP below and on more platforms here.

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