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Mumbai Producer-Singer Muks Catches Feelings in Trippy Video For ‘Falling’

The debut song from producer Mukul Deora’s new project sees him take to R&B/pop music

Anurag Tagat Jul 27, 2021

Producer and singer Mukul Deora in a still from the music video for 'Falling.'

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In the span of two decades, Mukul Deora has DJed under the moniker Bhaisaab with Mumbai’s pathbreaking collective Bhavishyavani Future Soundz, created ambient group Transmit Audio Lab and released an electronic/hip-hop album Stray via Sony BMG. Most recently, he held producer credits for the book adaption of Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger which released on Netflix in January this year.

The wheels keep on turning in the writer and musician’s world, considering he just launched his new pop project Muks, starting off with the moody single “Falling.” Mulling over a scenario in which he’s caught feelings for someone who’s already got a boyfriend, Deora’s downcast vocals yearn for comfort despite being in a complicated situation. He finds himself projecting serious sadboy energy on the vocal-driven song, which also pumps in sullen atmospheric layers, piano and guitar elements. On “Falling,” Muks sets himself apart by being more vulnerable than ever, weighing each line and extracting a timelessness in his lyrics. Between the words and the production, “Falling” becomes that broody, comforting jam you turn on during your late-night, home-alone chill session.

Comparing Deora’s music as Muks to Stray (released in 2006) or any of his other projects wouldn’t make sense, considering this is a wholly new direction and considerable time has passed. Often part of interdisciplinary and experimental electronic projects over the decades, Muks comes across as the artist’s renewed swing at singer-songwriter oriented music, offering earnest musings on relationships.

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The music video for “Falling” helps aid Deora to create an artistic persona as Muks. It combines footage of carnivalesque scenes with forlorn shots of the artist in the woods and floating in a pool, occasionally cutting away into surreal animated 3D scapes. While the purpose might be unknown, the mish-mash does invite intrigue towards Muks and his next move.

Watch the video for “Falling” below. Stream the song here.

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