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Mumbai Rockers Tripp Pilots Make A Stellar Comeback with Crushing New Single ‘Road Less Travelled’

The song is the band’s first release since 2015’s ‘Struggler’

David Britto Feb 14, 2021

Mumbai rock/metal band Tripp Pilots. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When Mumbai rock/metal band Tripp Pilots – comprising vocalist-guitarist Sunil Menon, samples and turntables handler Rahul Menon, bassist Soumitra Vichare, guitarist Swanand Thakur and drummer Nachiket Karekar – released their debut single “Struggler” in 2015, they ended up performing across the country while also competing in band competitions. Those efforts to be on the road constantly have definitely paid off and made them a tight and cohesive outfit. During that time, Sunil says, “We’ve been working on our original compositions.” Tripp Pilots are now out with their latest offering, the fiery “Road Less Travelled.”

The new song was initially penned six years ago as an acoustic instrumental. However, since then the band has revamped it to make it a full-blown heavy rock listen. Tripp Pilots showcase their excellent dynamism with gritty guitars, thumping drums, ambient sounds, breakdowns and steely vocals on the track. According to the group, the song is about taking a leap of faith and embarking upon the journey of self-discovery. Sunil says, “In our lives, most of us are stuck in a rat race and we end up sacrificing on exploring our true potential.” He adds, “This song is all about stepping out of your comfort zones, breaking the herd mentality, listening to your heart and following your dream or pursuing things that you are truly passionate about.”

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Tripp Pilots recorded “Road Less Travelled” at their home studio while Indo-American prog-rockers Skyharbor’s guitarist Keshav Dhar produced, mixed and mastered it.

Next, the band is already planning on releasing another single very soon and are also working on their upcoming seven-track full-length debut album. “We truly believe our songs can move and inspire people and we want to make our own mark in the independent metal scene,” says Sunil.

Watch the lyric video for “Road Less Travelled” below and stream the song on other platforms

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