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Mumbai Singer-Songwriter Gwen Dias Presents New Rustic Single ‘Tere Bina’

The song is the musician’s first in Hindi

David Britto Feb 08, 2021

Mumbai singer-songwriter Gwen Dias. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Mumbai artist Gwen Dias has involved herself in multiple projects as a musician over the years. From releasing her own material to singing on jingles and even touring with playback singer Arijit Singh, she’s done it all. She says, “I will always appreciate how Arijit shared the stage with the band like a family and featured every single person on stage as well as backstage.”

Dias is now out with her first Hindi single, the delicate acoustic offering “Tere Bina.” While Dias admits that she’s been advised by numerous people through her career on what her music should sound like, she recently reminded herself that this is her journey. On what made her decide to release music in Hindi, the singer-songwriter says, “It’s been a slow journey of discovery with my music. Life is too short to be shackled by fear. It was a cathartic experience releasing my Hindi original.”

The new track came to Dias while she was doodling on the piano. The song grew further while she was jamming with musician Nyzel Dlima. She says, “The love theme in this song fitted perfectly with my feature on NYZ (Dlima’s YouTube channel) as we were doing an anniversary special, celebrating being married for 10 years.” The track features a rustic acoustic arrangement with guitarist Royce Fernandes, drummer Glyston Gracias, Dlima on bass and Dias’ effervescent vocals.

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Produced by Shon Pinto and Dlima, the singer-songwriter tells us that working with both of them was a learning experience for her. She adds, “Their evolution and their quest for excellence makes you want to better yourself. These multi-talented guys are an inspiration.” There’s also a playthrough video put out via Dlima’s YouTube channel as part of his series called NYZ Sessions.

Coming up for Dias this year will be the release of her album titled Hopeless Romantic. While she works on the record, the singer-songwriter also wants to give back to music by offering vocal lessons and even plans on pursuing voice acting. “My journey as a singer has been about improving and empowering myself as an artist,” she says.

Watch the video for “Tere Bina” below: 

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