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Mumbai Singer-Songwriter Jasveer Singh Debuts with Bluesy Single ‘Meri Kahani’

The track has also come with a quirky music video wherein the artist shaves one side of the hair on his head

David Britto Jan 25, 2021

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Jasveer Singh. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Growing up in a Sikh family, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Jasveer Singh admits that he never quite associated himself with the culture. He says, “I have trouble prioritizing norms that aren’t relevant in the present state of the world.” Singh’s escape at the age of 16 would be music, and eventually, he found himself taking a vocal course at the city’s True School of Music after graduating from school. “I found my true calling,” he says.

Now, Singh is out with his debut single, the bluesy offering “Meri Kahani,” via Mumbai label Megaphone Records. According to the artist, he penned the track while going through a rough patch during a relationship. “The words I planned for someone else became my own, and I realized just how much I wanted to tell my own story.” The song includes lively acoustic guitar and keyboard parts, there’s also a touch of rock, swing and pop as well as a distinctive blues turnaround and Singh’s playful vocals that carry the track quite well. “I wanted to make a song people could dance to,” says Singh. “Meri Kahani” was recorded at True School of Music with producer Sachin Nair aka BeatSan. Nair also mixed and mastered the song.

The track’s accompanying video – produced by Pencils and Frames Productions and directed by Ritik Mehta – sees Singh getting one side of his long hair and beard shaved off while performing the song. He says, “The half-and-half face and hair stands as a symbol for the duality of man and the constant conflict of opposing desires that coexist within a single person.” Singh adds, “The song is called ‘Meri Kahani’ but to be truthful, it really is everyone’s kahani (story).”

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Currently, the singer-songwriter is working on his forthcoming debut EP titled Nadani. There’s songs such as “Kaafi” and “Le Aao” that Singh is particularly excited for folks to hear. “Some songs are experimental and diverse, while others are more well-defined, by the book and easier to process,” says the musician.

Watch the video for “Meri Kahani” below and stream the song on other platforms

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