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Premiere: Mumbai Singer-Songwriter Shubham J’s Plaintive Ode to the Past ‘Teri Kami’

The song follows two singles and his debut EP ‘Heer’ released this year

Rolling Stone India Dec 18, 2020

Mumbai singer-songwriter Shubham J. Photo: Logesh Ravi

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With a fairly productive year coming to a close, singer-songwriter Shubham Jadhav aka Shubham J says the purpose behind putting out as many as eight songs (including the five-track Heer EP) is hoping it becomes a “time capsule.” The Mumbai-based artist says, “[It’s] something which people can look back on, 10 years from now and know the exact time and place they were in.”

The Hindi crooner’s last offering this year is “Teri Kami,” positioned as an intimate tune that looks back at “both good and bad” memories from a past relationship. The song found its starting point while Shubham was traveling amidst mountains in Himachal Pradesh. He says in a note, “We’ve all been in a place where someone that we really loved and admired has parted ways and there is absolutely nothing that you can do in order to change that. Given the pandemic situation, it only makes you come to terms with the past and let go.” The gently layered pop tune lays down flute and a string section to aid Shubham’s sublime croon, with a playful guitar lead to close things off.

Shubham – a recent mechanical engineer graduate who jumped from covers to his own music around 2017 – plans to continue at a good pace through 2021 as well. He says, “The funny part is I don’t really do much other than making music. Much of this workaholic mindset also comes from a very stoic philosophy I’ve grown up with – ‘always moving in a state of urgency, always moving as if there was no tomorrow.’’”

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Listen to “Teri Kami” below. The song is out on all platforms on December 19th.

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