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Mumbai Singer-Songwriter Vernon Noronha to Head out On Solo Tour This Week

The musician will play intimate shows across five cities

Chris George Apr 18, 2019

Mumbai singer-songwriter Vernon Noronha. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Vernon Noronha – who recently released his latest track “Dream Sandwich” featuring fellow musician Raghav Meattle – is all set to head out on a solo house gig tour between April 19th – 28th to promote the single. Aptly titled the Dream Sandwich Tour, Noronha will play five cities including two shows in his hometown, Ahmedabad, Surat, Nagpur and Pune.

Dream Sandwich Tour poster by Errol Crasta.

For organizers, community art and travel company Motojojo Co., who bring together travelers, musicians, poets and storytellers — this will be the first instalment of their brand new tour series called Ghumakkadi Kalakaar which translates to “travelling artist.” Ask Noronha about his thoughts on intimate gigs and he says, “[They’re the] purest form of listeners we get.” He adds, “If I’m playing a new song, I know I can experiment with them. I know if they like it or don’t like it.”

Each gig will typically seat 40 people. Although there is a smaller reach as compared to a conventional show, there is a much wider impact. On trading quantity with impact, Noronha says, “If I go to a pub and there are 500 people, I think only two of them will go back to listen to my music. But here, if I have a crowd of 20, 20 people will go back and listen to my music.” The singer-songwriter mentions that the value of going back to listen to the artist’s music is much higher in this case. He says, “They’ve heard something specific, very exclusive for them. So the retain-ability is much more.”

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Noronha’s setlist will include tracks from his 2016 debut EP Closer To Home, material from his upcoming record Marie as well as the tour’s titular single “Dream Sandwich.” For Noronha, it’s always exciting touring new cities, meeting new audiences and getting different reactions to his songs from place to place. According to the singer-songwriter “it’s much better to play to an unknown crowd of a few people” at this stage for him, prioritizing conversion value and growing his listener base.

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Dream Sandwich Tour Dates:

April 19th – Ahmedabad
April 20th – Surat
April 21st – Mumbai Western
April 26th – Nagpur
April 27th – South Mumbai
April 28th – Pune

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