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Mumbai Venue The Habitat to Launch New Venture Above The Habitat

The multi-cultural space, which used to be called Tuning Fork, is moving upwards, literally

David Britto Sep 06, 2017

Above The Habitat. Photo: Courtesy of the venue

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Mumbai venue The Habitat (formerly known as Tuning Fork) has became the city’s go to cultural hub in just over a year. Although the venue started out as just a music space, it has gone on to host comedy, poetry and quiz nights, as well as film, TV and sports screenings. The Habitat has now announced its intention to expand its physical space this month with its new venture, Above The Habitat. The new venue is located two floors above the existing space.

When founders Balraj Singh Ghai and Sohaill Gandhi split earlier this year due to professional reasons, Ghai decided to power through and stick with the property. “There was a little bit of a restructuring going on,” says Ghai. “We were trying to wonder how to get about this loss.” The idea for Above The Habitat came about this past April. “It just makes complete sense for a larger venue to be there, because the current venue can only act as a room to feature upcoming acts.”

The new 180-capacity venue, which took three months to build, will host gigs once a month. The launch gig will take place on September 9th and include sets by Mumbai punk rockers The Lightyears Explode and alt rock bands Daira and HOOK. Unlike The Habitat, which compensates independent musicians with studio recording time equivalent to the duration of their performance, Above The Habitat brings in the monetary angle. “Artists get a percentage of the gate shares on the day of the gig itself,” says Ghai.

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Ghai also explains the four-step strategy he plans to implement in order to help artists grow. He mentions that it all starts with an artist performing at The Habitat at their open-mics to later being shortlisted to their open-mic showcase gig. The next step would be getting an hour-long set at the venue before finally opening for two major acts at Above The Habitat.

“The idea is for us to be a habitat for performers,” says Ghai.

Click here for event details.

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