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My Favorite Music: Sahil Makhija

Frontman of Mumbai extreme metal act Demonic Resurrection, “Demonstealer” aka Sahil Makhija lists Norwegian symphonic metallers Dimmu Borgir and Swedish melodic death metal act Soilwork among his top ten picks

Rolling Stone India Sep 16, 2015
Demonic Resurrection frontman Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer. Photo: Prashin Jagger

Demonic Resurrection frontman Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer. Photo: Prashin Jagger

The frontman of Mumbai extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection [DR] says considering the amount of music coming out today, it’s difficult come up with all-time favorites. Says Makhija, “I’m hardly a fanboy of bands anymore, just more of a varied music fan.”

“Detox” Strapping Young Lad, 1997

I’ve been hearing this song for the longest time. I take credit for introducing Strapping Young Lad’s music in India, because I don’t think anyone here was listening to this back in 1998.

“In Death’s Embrace”Dimmu Borgir, 1997

Dimmu is the most influential bands for my music. It’s probably impossible to have a list without their music in it. This song creates a great atmosphere.

Return Of The Night Creatures” Old Man’s Child, 1997

This is the one-man project of Galder from Norway, who later joined Dimmu Borgir. I couldn’t believe one guy was doing everything, except for the drums.

“And Then There Was Silence” Blind Guardian, 2002

This is possibly the most epic song ever written. I don’t generally like long songs, but these 14 minutes just pass by amazingly.

“Conquer All” Behemoth, 2004

I was never a huge Behemoth fan until I heard this. It’s a mind blaster. Whenever DR has a video to make, we give this song’s music video as a reference to the director.

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“Karma” Kamelot, 2001

This is straight-up power metal. Roy Khantatat is definitely on my top five vocalists ever. It’s very difficult to pick one song, but this one grew on me.

“Wishmaster” Nightwish, 2000

I had this song on loop for ages ”“ it influenced my way of playing melodic guitar parts. I don’t usually like the operatic vocals, but this album was brilliant.

“Colonizing The Sun” Theory In Practice, 2002

This was technical death metal before tech-death came out. It’s unbelievable how technical and mindblowing this was.

“With Strength I Burn” Emperor, 1997

I had a huge black metal phase and Emperor and later Ihsahn were part of that. I actually don’t like any of their stuff before this album [Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk]. It’s bursting with majestic vibes.

“Shadowchild” Soilwork, 2000

This is unbelievably catchy and hardcore at the same time. I was listening to Soilwork before any else in India, I think. Before any of these fucking hipsters today.


Demonstealer’s solo album titled ‘This Burden Is Mine’ is slated for release later this year and will also feature drummer George Kollias (of American tech-death metal band Nile). Pre-order the CD here.