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Naezy Checks In With Marathi Rap on ‘Kasa Kai’

The Mumbai rapper slings his verses around about community and country, over a beat produced by Rākhis aka Shikhar Manchanda

Anurag Tagat May 31, 2021

Mumbai hip-hop artist Naezy in a still from the music video for 'Kasa Kai.'

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Quickfire rapper Naezy showcases the strength of his lyrical skill and throws in a bit of Marathi on his latest release “Kasa Kai,” produced by Rakhis aka Shikhar Manchanda.

In the song, Naezy throws down about community and togetherness, whether it’s among hip-hop artists or countrymen. True to his style, the Mumbai rapper’s flow is indefatigable and replenished effortlessly as he moves through the three-minute track. In “Kasa Kai,” the artist also declares that hip-hop has risen from Mumbai and gone on to find a home throughout the nation. “Hip-hop has made its own community and industry independently. So, this hype from Mumbai went over to Bangalore, Delhi… All the cities are now hard. Hindi hip-hop like ‘Mere Gully Mein’ or what Emiway Bantai does and with all of this together, ‘Kasa Kai’ now aims to asks India, ‘What’s up?’”

“Kasa Kai” is Naezy’s second release this year, following the incendiary collaboration “Sholay” alongside MC Mawali from hip-hop crew Swadesi and producer Karan Kanchan. Never one to skirt over politically conscious themes – “Sholay” was acerbic in its criticism of labels such as anti-national – Naezy also connects his own experiences to seeking positivity and looking beyond “all regional and communal boundaries.”

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Apart from the main hook, the rapper also saves a smattering of Marathi for the end of “Kasa Kai,” pointing out that the whole world is one big family. The track also serves as a return to form for Naezy, who says more tracks are coming up. “A few of my last months were indulged in very deep thoughts about myself and my life, what I’m going to do ahead. I was writing songs, exploring different things, I was praying for the coronavirus pandemic to end, was observing Ramzan, trying to keep all positive and giving the same vibe to everyone around,” he adds.

Watch the video for “Kasa Kai” below. Hear the song on more platforms here.

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