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Naezy Takes ‘Maghreb’ Live In Mumbai This Weekend

The rapper will perform his debut album at the city-based antiSOCIAL joined by fellow hip-hop artists Ace and Dee MC

David Britto Feb 28, 2020

Mumbai rapper Naezy. Photo: Courtesy of Big Bang Music

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After the release of his debut album Maghreb this past January, Mumbai rapper Naezy was hard at work crafting a brand new live set and adding in fresh elements as he prepares to take the record live at the city-based antiSOCIAL on February 29th. “I can’t wait to share my work with my fans,” the hip-hop artist says.

Ever since Maghreb dropped, Naezy has been keeping a close eye on how the record has been received from his fans and peers by tracking it on streaming services. “People have been loving it,” he says. The rapper also admits that he had his doubts in releasing a full-length LP but states that it has worked out well for him and that he just wants to continue “writing more to keep getting better at my craft.”

According to the rapper, the gig this weekend is a celebration of his six-year journey in the country’s hip-hop scene right from his breakout hit track “Aafat” to Maghreb. Without giving too much away on what to expect at the gig, Naezy says, “There’s a whole show flow planned which should be fun to start showcasing.” He adds, “It’s a big night for desi hip-hop.”

Also hitting the stage apart from Naezy are fellow hip-hop artists Ace and Dee MC who will bring their own flavor and fiery rhymes to the evening. The rapper stresses on the point that it is important to include as many artists from the hip-hop community as part of the gig to showcase what that scene has accomplished over the last few years. “They’re going to take the night to another level,” he says.

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The Mumbai gig is the first of many as Naezy plots more shows around the country for his Maghreb Album Tour. The rapper also tells us that he is thankful to everyone who has supported the record and is eager for people to hear it live as “the emotions flow differently” in a gig setting. He adds, “The album is my personal expression and it’s always amazing to see fans connect with the thought at a show.”

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