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Nagpur DJ Greff Converts Home Into His Own Stage

The electronic artist has been performing curated sets from his terrace, bedroom and bathtub

David Britto Jun 01, 2020

Nagpur DJ Greff has converted his home into his own stage. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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While many artists have taken to livestreams and online gigs due to the current coronavirus pandemic, Nagpur’s Yugesh Madhwani aka DJ Greff has taken things a step further by putting together specifically curated sets from his home. After being commissioned for a livestream by an event/artist agency, the DJ decided to use a projector to have a “laidback party vibe.” He says, “After receiving a decent response from this set, I wanted to experiment further and thought it would be wise to do curated sets with different themes.”

The series – titled Greff Lockdown Sessions – has seen the DJ perform from every location he could do so safely. Be it his bedroom, terrace, bathtub or garden. “It takes me close to three days planning every set,” he says. The DJ uses a multi-camera setup and with the help of his neighbors, freelance photographer Pawan Daultani and editor Bharat Jashnani, is able to enhance the experience.

The DJ admits that initially, it wasn’t easy convincing his family to turn their surroundings into a mini music festival of sorts. “The neighbors think I’m insane,” says Madhwani. On the music front, the DJ also conducted a survey to find out what people are tuning into. According to him, people taking a shower prefer listening to hip-hop. For his garden set, the DJ wanted to create the feeling of an electronic music festival and played genres like future house and progressive house while another session saw him inside a cage of lights spinning trap tunes. He says, “I wanted to keep the sets versatile in respect of music and not be repetitive.”

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Up next, the DJ is sitting on a couple more ideas on how he can expand the series and is plotting an eco-friendly set. Greff also has plans to release fresh music this year including his debut Hindi track. “I’m also working on a few global collaborations,” he says.


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