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Naisha Drops Easy-Going Two-Track Debut EP ‘Back & Forth’

The record follows the multifaceted artist’s 2021 debut single ‘Kamikaze’

David Britto May 12, 2022

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter and DJ Naisha. Photo: Raju Raman

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Growing up, Naisha Bhargabi – who goes by her first name as an artist – spent time in upstate New York, New Delhi, Odisha and Mumbai, as well as New York City where she pursued musical theater and film. Since then, Naisha has dabbled her toes in a number of fields including being a singer-songwriter, model, actress, writer and DJ. “It’s hard to juggle between professions, but somehow I have found a balance,” she says. The artist adds, “I have been inclined to music ever since I could speak thanks to my mother who loves music and is also a singer. She made sure I was in an environment that allowed me to harness that talent and since then, I have been on a journey of self-exploration.”

That journey of self-exploration led Naisha to release her debut single last year in the shape of the blissful “Kamikaze.” Now, the artist is back with fresh sounds, a two-track EP entitled Back & Forth.

Work on Naisha’s latest offering began at the start of this year and includes the songs “No Lie” and the title track. Sonically, the EP features an easy-going vibe, her laidback vocals and an overall summery feel. Talking about what the record is about, Naisha says, “[It] consists of two parts – chapter one and an epilogue to show it was never allowed to be a fully developed story.” The singer adds, “There is a smooth transition from the first track ‘No Lie’ to the second one, ‘Back & Forth,’ which shows the continuation and explanation of the story of two people and explains how intense emotions can be when you first meet someone. The EP talks about extreme emotions felt but also a sense of acceptance and understanding that it is what it is.”

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The singer-songwriter worked with Mumbai-based bassist and producer Nathan Thomas aka NATE08 (from live electronica duo Drum Ani Bass) on Back & Forth. Naisha recorded the EP at her home studio within a span of just two weeks. “With Nate, everything just flows very smoothly because he understands my sound and all my ideas. I literally sometimes just make sounds of instruments and ask him to use that, and he just understands it without any further questions,” says Naisha.

With a music video for “No Lie” – directed by Mohit Mukhi aka Gltch – already out, Naisha informs us that she plans on playing more gigs and also creating live acoustic versions of the songs. Having signed to Los Angeles-based Ford Models recently, Naisha will be relocating and taking her talents away to California in a few months. However, on the music front, she says, “I’m also working on the next releases because if there’s one thing I know, it is that consistency is key.”

Watch the music video for “No Lie” below and hear ‘Back & Forth’ on streaming platforms

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