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Natasha Lyonne Is a ‘Time Prisoner’ as She Travels Across Eras in ‘Russian Doll’ Trailer

The new season premieres on Netflix on April 20

Tomás Mier Apr 08, 2022
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The trailer for Russian Doll Season 2 introduces audiences to a new character: a time-traveling train. On Thursday, Netflix released the official trailer for the show’s return — after three years — on April 20. And Natasha Lyonne’s character Nadia is facing her wildest ride yet.

“The universe finally found something worse than death. I broke time,” Nadia says in one clip. (This time, she isn’t just going back to the day she died, she’s traveling across eras.)

Nadia is also reunited with her love interest from the last season, Alan (Charlie Barnett). “Maybe we’re supposed to, like, enjoy the ride,” she says before a clip shows her kissing another dude. “I’m still exploring my options,” she adds.

The video features a montage of action-packed scenes: Nadia climbing out of a grave, being taken to an asylum, and wading in a creepy body of water. “You’re a time traveler?” asks one man at the end. “I prefer the term time prisoner,” Nadia responds.

Last month, Netflix dropped a teaser hinting at the importance of the train. “When the universe fucks with you,” Nadia said in the clip. “Let it.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in February, Lyonne revealed that the new season will take place four years after Nadia and Alan escape the time loop.

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“It’s for sure a puzzle box,” Lyonne told the outlet. “With my whole heart, I hope that people watch it all and see where the game goes and lands. I can’t believe we pulled it off.”

From Rolling Stone US.

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