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NCT 127 Get Dark and Dangerous in ‘Favorite (Vampire)’

The South Korean boy group make a comeback with their third repackaged album, ‘Favorite’

Divyansha Dongre Oct 25, 2021
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Spinning the web of supernatural fantasy, South Korean group NCT 127 flaunt gripping visuals in their latest release, “Favorite (Vampire).”

Brimming with NCT 127’s signature trap soundscape, “Favorite (Vampire)” brings forward synth hip-hop with an almost fruity, dulcet flute melody running across. In contrast to the dark and eerie cinematography, the omnipresent flute creates a balance between the bass-boosted trap beats, creating an engrossing listening experience that keeps you coming back for more.

The music video seems to take place within a lucid dream where NCT127’s 10 members switch between two parallels– one where they’re seasoned performers and the second where they exist as vampires. Comparing love to a venomous vampire bite, the lyrics narrate the tale of a romance so destructive yet addictive, “Call it playing with fire (Quit that)/ You have thorns (Hands down)/ The fragmented crown (Take that)/ That pure poison I took a bite and swallowed it all.” With charged emotions that make the relationship difficult to let go of, the track explains one’s desire to keep the love alive, despite the jabs it takes in return; “I love you and love you/ I want to hurt even more desperately in this destiny/ Wild еyes of your existencе/ Girl, you’re my favorite.”

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As experienced in NCT 127’s previous release “Sticker,” the group adopts a multi-genre approach in their latest release, including a groovy dance break in its second half. Characterized by anthemic trap, the dance break in “Favorite (Vampire)” kicks off with a synth rendition of marching band instrumentals followed by heavy trap beats. 

Making their comeback a month after their September album release, Sticker, NCT 127’s repackaged album, Favorite, presents three new tracks– bringing the total number of songs on this album to fourteen. 

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