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NCT Dream Bring the Heat With ‘Hot Sauce’

The South Korean group is back as a septet for the first time since their 2018 EP, ‘We Go Up’

Divyansha Dongre May 10, 2021
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Packed with a bright  mix of tracks of varying genres and themes that explore brotherhood, unity and team spirit, NCT Dream return with their first studio album, Hot Sauce.

Promising a more mature persona that reflects in the group’s music, the septet adopts a chill vibe on the album’s title track, “Hot Sauce.” The single comes layered with a catchy chorus, offering listeners an addictive blend of synth-heavy sounds and hip-hop beats as they sing about the irresistible attraction between two individuals.

With a strong parallel drawn between the characteristics of hot sauce and magnetic attraction, the group keeps the tension high with playful and flirty wordplay, “I’m your personal chef (Dang!) / This plate is for you/ Yeah, I’ll let you taste it/ We have enough time now (We)/ Don’t look around just taste it (Taste it)/ My secret is the unusual spicy/ Just passing by it makes you crazy.”

Inspired by the eatery outlets, the music video takes place in a recreated set surrounded by smaller restaurants. The group keep it casual in breezy ensembles as they showcase their complex choreographed movements, matching the hip-hop beats of the single.

Hot Sauce marks the group’s first studio album, featuring 10 tracks; “Hot Sauce,” “Diggity,” “Dive Into You,” “My Youth,” “Rocket,” “Countdown (3,2,1),” “ANL,” “Irreplaceable,” “Be There For You” and “Rainbow”– a track on which members Mark, Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung have written the rap lines for. 

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