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NCT’s TAEYONG Decodes Romance in His Latest Single ‘Love Theory’

Featuring Wonstein, the single joins SM Entertainment’s digital archiving project SM Station

Divyansha Dongre Apr 14, 2022

Deciphering the complexities of love through a quirky and fanciful manner, NCT’s leader and main rapper TAEYONG has unveiled a flamboyant music video for his latest single “Love Theory.” Featuring South Korean rapper Wonstein, the single was first announced during THE NCT SHOW — a monthly YouTube series that updates fans on activities involving NCT members. 

Co-written and composed by TAEYONG, Wonstein and Malaysian producer and long-term friend Zayson, “Love Theory” is a perfect spring release with its pop and hip-hop soundscape. Bright, spirited and zestful, the track roots its production in rhythmic percussion and bouncy sounds, giving “Love Theory” an exuberant and perky edge, befitting the coyish romance theme. 

Penned from the point of view of a nerd undeniably in love with a girl next door, the single discusses the complexities of love as the protagonist navigates through a new set of emotions he’s never experienced before: “Can you please not talk to me?/ Cause when you do, I go blank (uh-uh)/ Mind shuts down, can’t do a thing/ Paying lip service, what can’t be said?.” “Love Theory” also includes a jazzy bridge with an irresistible synth-saxophone solo accompanied by TAEYONG’s signature vocal growl as he sings, “Oh, my baby, baby, baby/ You are my, you are my only girl/ You are the only one I see.”

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In a recent fansign event, the rapper spoke about the inception of the project, revealing it to be born of a conversation on love between Wonstein, Zayson and himself. “I prepared this song and showed Wonstein,” the rapper divulges. As that conversation unfolded, TAEYONG spoke about paying homage to SM Entertainment’s record producer Yoo Youngjin by “imitating him in the bridge part.” 

The music video employs a vivid color palette and set designs to exhibit how love impacts the day-to-day life of an individual. Like the teasers, it is a nod to the age of social media we live in. Referencing apps such as TikTok, Facetime and more, TAEYONG relies on the power of social media to constantly stay in touch and receive advice from Wonstein, that is until Wonstein visits him in person to elevate TAEYONG’s style quotient. What follows next is an adorable montage showing TAEYONG undergoing vigorous training to shed off his nerdy demeanor, only to realize that it’s too late to adopt an alternate, cooler persona.

Last month, the rapper surprised his fans with the lo-fi R&B single “Lonely.” Co-composed by TAEYONG, the song featured South Korean singer-songwriter and producer SURAN. Shortly after releasing the single on his YouTube channel TY Track, the artist appeared on SURAN’s “Diamonds” – the lead single off her EP Flying: Part 1, where he also contributed towards the track in a songwriting and composition capacity. Aside from securing high-profile collaborations, TAEYONG plays an integral role in defining NCT’s soundscape and performances. When he’s not creating hits with his group, you can find the rapper releasing self-composed tracks on his SoundCloud account.

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