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Nemophilis Release 10th Single ‘Unsaid’

The Pune rockers have also returned to their original three-piece lineup

David Britto Jun 24, 2021

Pune rock band Nemophilis. Photo: Soham Joshi

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Since we last spoke to Pune rockers Nemophilis in December last year, the band parted ways with session guitarist Mayank Katare and returned to the lineup they started off as comprising vocalist-guitarist Kshitij Kumar, bassist Saurabh Lodha and drummer Akarsh Singh. On Katare’s departure, Kumar says, “Due to unforeseen circumstances and personal differences we all had to agree to continue with the original lineup.”

Now, the trio are out with their 10th single in the shape of the rock ballad “Unsaid.” The track initially stemmed from a melody Singh sang that Kumar picked up on. The frontman says, “In a few days it turned into a complete song.” While the band performed the track often live, it was only in late 2020 that they planned on recording it. Written from the perspective of a heartbreak, “Unsaid” features crisp guitar parts, tense drumming, anguished vocals and more. “This song is very close to our heart, and we’re sure that many of the listeners will be able to connect and relate to our personal experiences,” says the vocalist. The track was recorded at Pune’s Gray Spark Audio and mixed by Lodha while Ronak Runwal mastered it.

Looking ahead the band plans on releasing a music video for a previously released single and are also working on their debut full-length album. With playthrough videos of their songs also in the pipeline, Kumar says, “[We’re even] working on getting us some shows as the events resume.”

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Stream “Unsaid” on Spotify below:

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