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Netflix’s 2023 K-Drama Line-up is Lit

The slate of K-dramas that will premiere on the streaming service this year offers a diverse range of fascinating stories

Debashree Dutta Jan 19, 2023

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Netflix recently unveiled its roster of Korean content for 2023, and it’s massive, in line with the rise in K-content consumers and the genre’s burgeoning fame! With a line-up that features a diverse range of Korean films, shows, and K-dramas, the year looks promising. As per the streaming behemoth, “it will be an infinite stream of new content without break every month in 2023.” Let’s begin by addressing the great slate of Korean dramas that will premiere on Netflix this year.

In the first and second quarters, the line-up is as follows:

Black Knight

Set in the future, it portrays a period when severe air pollution has made it imperative for people to live fully indoors and life has become dependent on delivery services. Black Knight is an adaptation of Lee Yung-yun’s webtoon Delivery Knight.

Love to Hate You

In this haters-to-lovers rom-com drama, we see a woman who despises losing to men and a man who is wary of women. The two despise one another, but with time, the characters’ skepticism of each other gets ruled out as love seeps in.

The Glory Part 2

The first part of The Glory features an elementary school homeroom teacher. She experienced frequent bullying and physical assaults throughout high school. Years later, she returns with a well-thought-out plot of retaliation against the bullies and the bystanders. In the series’ climax, Moon finally stirred the pot to the point where justice must be served. I can’t wait to see how she eventually gets it in Part 2.


Bloodhounds is a remake of the popular webtoon Hunting Dogs. According to reports, this action-noir drama series centers on three young individuals who become involved with one another in a criminal gang while working for a moneylender.

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The society of stars and superstars is depicted in the thriller-mystery drama Celebrity, within which fame is equated to money. It exposes the fierce competitiveness, restless anxieties, and materialistic aspirations that are prevalent in the world of celebrities.


It is the story of a professional career lady and a labor rights attorney who, although leading quite different lives, come together to work toward the creation of a fair society.

The third quarter includes:

D.P. Season 2

The first season of D.P. focuses on a group of Korean military police with the goal of capturing escapees. The show underscores the unpleasant reality that recruits face while serving their mandatory military service. The second season will most likely be a continuation of the experiences of Private Ahn Joon-ho and Corporal Han Ho-yul, who partnered up in the previous installment to track down the defectors.

A Time Called You

In this time-travel romance story, two people fall in love while navigating the conundrums of space and time. A girl still longs for her long-gone boyfriend. She unexpectedly goes back in time and finds herself in a new body. There, she encounters a boy who eerily resembles her late boyfriend.

Song of the Bandits

This period action-drama series, which is staged in the 1920s, covers the chaotic era of Japanese rule when the people of Joseon were driven out of their homes and exiled to Japan. To preserve the Korean homeland, those who traveled to Gando (a historic border area in Jilin Province, Northeast China, with a significant Korean community) get together.

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Mask Girl

The plot, which is based on the same-named Naver webtoon, involves a working girl with a severe beauty complex as she gets caught up in an unanticipated occurrence while working as an internet broadcaster, BJ while donning a mask every night.

In the fourth quarter we’ll have:

Gyeongseong Creature

The series will feature the protagonists battling ferociously at the edge of life and death against a bizarre monster born of avarice in the spring of 1945 when Gyeongseong (the former name for Seoul) was at its worst under Japanese hegemony over Korea.

Sweet Home Season 2

When the inmates of the Green Home residential building begin turning into beasts who wish to obliterate humans, the other residents team up to resist them in Sweet Home, which ends with many unsolved questions, and the upcoming season will reveal what transpires next.


The male lead of this webtoon-based love story is an ordinary college student who moves into a new house only to meet a gorgeous retired K-pop idol. He initially attempts to avoid her, but soon finds that her mysterious life lures him in more, and the two eventually opt to move in together.

Daily Dose of Sunshine

A nurse faces challenges after switching from the internal medicine department to the neuropsychiatric ward in Daily Dose of Sunshine. Despite this, she gives the patients the best care possible, eventually succeeding in her role as a nurse.

Goodbye Earth

With 200 days left before the foretold judgment day, Goodbye Earth recounts the tale of humans surviving in a world in disarray. The story looks at those who are aware of an asteroid speeding toward Earth and their feelings of fear, sorrow, and hope.


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