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Neuman Pinto Releases Nostalgic New EP ‘Let’s Go Back’

The Mumbai singer-songwriter also enlists vocalists Bianca Gomes and Murishka D’cruz on the record

David Britto Mar 31, 2021

Mumbai singer-songwriter Neuman Pinto. Photo: Marcello Vaz

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After releasing his five-track EP Brave in 2019, Mumbai singer-songwriter Neuman Pinto began plotting music videos for the songs while simultaneously also writing new material. 2020 saw Pinto drop three singles and now the musician is out with his latest four-track EP titled Let’s Go Back.

Pinto already had the title track for the new record written at the time he released Brave. The artist penned the rest of the songs over the course of the following months. According to Pinto, the tracks on Let’s Go Back have an “organic, earthy, country, American folk sound.” Influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Bread, Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens, he says, “I find myself writing about personal experiences a lot. Sometimes though I have to create a situation in my head that I internalize for a while and then start writing about it.” He adds, “But generally lyrically I tend to lean towards the positive side of life, giving life experiences credit for helping one’s growth and understanding.”

The record opens with the sentimental title track featuring vocalist Bianca Gomes. The EP then moves to the uplifting “If You Believe” before we hear the acoustic-pop ditty “Till Morning Comes” with singer Murishka D’cruz. Pinto closes the EP with the soulful “Over Again.” With Let’s Go Back there’s a clear sense of honesty with the songwriting and stories told through the songs while the music feels genuine with the heavy use of acoustic instrumentation, splendid vocal harmonies and more. Let’s Go Back was produced by Shon Pinto and Roland Fernandes and mixed and mastered by Chester Misquitta.

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While Pinto is eager to get on the road to perform the songs, he’s cautious about the situation with the pandemic. He says, “I might spend a little longer writing more music, maybe get a Hindi lyricist in to try and put my thoughts and words into thoughts and words that a larger audience can understand and appreciate.”

Stream ‘Let’s Go Back’ on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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