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New Delhi Producer Dolorblind Opens Up About His Debut EP ‘Forbidden Fruit’

The artist recently released the trippy new seven-track record

David Britto Dec 17, 2020

New Delhi Producer Dolorblind. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Due to his father working in the defense force, New Delhi-based producer and visual artist Rohan Sinha aka Dolorblind traveled and moved a lot as a kid. Sinha would spend hours on end surfing the web trying to learn new things and also chat with people online. He says, “I found out about music production and someone I knew through internet forums sent me a copy of [digital audio workstation] FL studio and asked me to have fun with it.”

Since then, there has been no looking back. Sinha began putting out music as Dolorblind on Soundcloud before recently releasing his debut seven-track EP Forbidden Fruit. The songs on the record document the emotions and events that took place through his life during the last three years. He says, “The tracks were made at house parties, college library, parents’ house and many more unusual spaces.” Sinha adds, “All these tracks were a diary entry of an essential phase in my life. I wanted to immortalize it.”

Forbidden Fruit explores drowning synths (“END/BEGINNING”), dancey and lively beats (“Control Your Anxiety”), gloomy escapism (“Bloom”), piano extravaganza (“Wind to the Moon”) and more. Sinha says, “The tracks in this EP are inspired by many events in my life when I was a bit more carefree and didn’t know the ways of life as I know now, I think.”

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While the pandemic has been challenging in a creative and emotional sense for Sinha, he’s also been able to see the bright side of it with time on his hands to self-reflect. He says, “It’s important not to let the mind wander off too much and stay focused on your craft.” There’s more music in the pipeline as well as a collaboration with electronica outfit Jwala Collective. “I am continuously working on music while trying to experiment and learn new techniques,” says Sinha.

Stream ‘Forbidden Fruit’ on Spotify below and on other platforms

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