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New Delhi Producer Mr. Twisted Releases Dreamy New Single ‘Into the Night’

The track features a kalimba hook layered with ambient soundscapes

David Britto Sep 22, 2020

New Delhi artist Vaibhav Chawla aka Mr. Twisted. Photo: Angela Deka

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New Delhi artist Vaibhav Chawla aka Mr. Twisted first started producing music five years using the digital audio workstation Cubase on his Windows laptop. What began as just a hobby eventually grew into a much more serious endeavor for Chawla. Since then, he’s released a couple of singles and most recently dropped his latest offering, the dreamy “Into the Night.”

Chawla’s writing process involves him digging into lyrics he’s typed out on his phone while he’s working on a session. He says, “That way I have some moods to quickly pick from when I need words to sing the melody that’s building in my head.” Mr. Twisted is also hugely inspired by other people’s stories, heartbreak as well as his own personal experiences. “Heartbreaks have taught me a lot and for some weird reason, I tend to come closer to my music when I am not feeling too good. It’s a very healthy distraction for me and the purest form of escape,” says Chawla.

“Into the Night” was born out of a trip to the hills the producer took four years ago when he decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, with the intention to make music from his hotel room. Chawla says, “My room had a view overlooking the mountains and at night I could see parts of the forest light up faintly. Later, the locals told me that they were fireflies.” He adds, “It was a very magical experience for me, to be able to see the hills all throughout the day from my window and one evening I came up with the melody of the song and recorded some parts down.”

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Sonically, the song includes a hooky kalimba line infused with ambient sounds, acoustic and electric guitar parts, a steady groove and Chawla’s timbre vocal tone.

The producer – who also works as a live sound engineer for bands – initially found it hard to cope with the lockdown but has now gotten used to it and has spent the majority of his time at home fine-tune his songs. Mr. Twisted is planning on releasing five new tracks in the coming months, he says, “I am currently working on making my music reach more people, releasing a kickass music video for one of my songs and learning to cook more yummy meals.”

Stream “Into the Night” below:

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