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New Delhi Producer Trix Drops Tropical Tune ‘Be With You’

20-year-old Sanjog Bhushan is also heavily involved in e-sports

Anurag Tagat Dec 02, 2020

New Delhi producer Sanjog Bhushan aka Trix

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After more than a year away from putting out music, 20-year-old producer Sanjog Bhushan aka Trix returns with a distinctly buoyant lovesick tune called “Be With You.” Raking in hundreds of thousands of streams across platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud since 2017 for songs like “Now That You’re Gone” and “Everything Changes,” Trix also focused on the world of e-sports.

A hardcore gamer who has gained international recognition with Call of Duty, Bhushan says the two worlds are somewhat intertwined. “I make music based on what’s happening in my life. E-sports plays a big part in who I am. The whole journey of becoming the number one player in India has been a huge inspiration for my music. I always try to capture moments from my life into my music, so whenever I feel inspired I quickly write it down and work that part into my music,” he says. 

For “Be With You,” however, he’s more concerned with matters of the heart, with the tropical track created to channel his angst following a breakup. “I made this track for someone really special to me, this track marks the end of a difficult three years […] I wanted to make something that was relatable and I am happy with it, because it resounds with my past experiences where people thought I would never be able to achieve anything, and how I proved them wrong,” the producer says. 

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While Bhushan has several ties to international record labels and collaborators, closer home in his own family, he’s cousins with Bengaluru-based bassist-vocalist Jishnu Dasgupta (from folk-fusion band Swarathma). What’s heard on his material, however, is a global electronic sound that’s informed by top producer-DJs such as Kygo and Illenium. He adds, “The message through my future tracks will be the same — [that] you’re never alone.”

Listen to “Be With You” below.

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