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New Delhi Rockers Bad Trip Debut with Heavy Ballad ‘Out of Reach’

The band were tasked with facing the lockdown only three months after they formed

David Britto Aug 24, 2020

New Delhi rock band Bad Trip. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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New Delhi rock outfit Bad Trip formed only this past January by vocalist-guitarist Rishab Koul out of a need to “bring back” alternative rock and punk back into the music scene. In his quest, Koul was joined by guitarist Aaron Asher, bassist Saira Ahmed, drummer Piyush Thomas and backing vocalist Vedant Shandilya. The newcomers made a name for themselves in the college circuit performing at band events and are now out with their debut single, the rock ballad “Out of Reach.”

According to the group, they instantaneously began writing their own material. “All five of us collectively decided that we wanted to create music by incorporating the ideas of each member,” says Koul.

On their first offering, Bad Trip showcase dynamism on the guitar-driven track while vocal harmonies color the song over steady grooves. “Out of Reach” is a song about a broken relationship and Koul says, “It focuses on that feeling you get when you wake up to realize that your significant other is now gone and the frustration, anger and sadness that you are faced within that moment.” He adds, “At the same time, there’s also a tiny ray of hope that maybe everything will be okay.”

“Out of Reach” was recorded entirely during the lockdown and each band member tracked their parts separately in their own homes. Koul also tells us that they’ve never jammed out this song together before. Once the group had everything done, they sent it over to Varun Kapahi at New Delhi’s Square Wave Studios for it to be mixed before U.S.-based Mike Cervantes mastered the song.

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Going forward, Bad Trip plans on experimenting with fusion rock and also have tentative plans to put out their debut album sometime next year. “We’re looking forward to playing live shows soon and are also excited to see what the future has in store for us as a band,” says Koul.

Stream “Out of Reach” below:

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