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New Delhi Rockers Superfuzz’s Discography Is Now Available on Streaming Platforms

The band is currently readying the release for their new 12-track album

David Britto Sep 18, 2020

New Delhi rockers Superfuzz. Photo: Parikhit Pal

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When the streaming boom hit India over the last couple of years, New Delhi rockers Superfuzz were on a hiatus and missed the bus. Well sort of. During the lockdown, when the group reconnected, they kept getting messages from fans asking for their music to be up on Spotify and Apple Music, among others. “We were very unorganized when it came to really capitalize on some good music we created,” says drummer Aditya Paharia.

Formed in 2004, Paharia, bassist Nikhil Rufus Raj and vocalist-guitarist Sanchal Malhar went on to release their self-titled four-track debut EP in 2006 which included tracks such as “School” and “Maple.” After calling it quits in 2008, the band got back together in 2014 with the release of the seven-track offering Inner City Waster featuring songs like “At My Home,” “Rat in the Dirt” and “Bunny Epidemic.”

At the time, the band had their music up on YouTube and Bandcamp. On having the records on streaming platforms now, the group says, “We were planning these music releases through the past few months. Feels great that it is out now.”

Revisiting the music also brings back memories of the recording sessions for the band. Their self-titled EP was recorded at producer Anupam Roy’s home studio and the band tells us that he’s been working with the band since their inception. “He understands our sound really well and has mixed both the EPs,” says Paharia. For Inner City Waster Superfuzz decided to live together in a house in Vasant Kunj which they dubbed as the “Fuzz House.” Paharia says, “I had a 9’x11′ small drum cabin in the living room where we set up everything to record the EP. He adds, “It wasn’t the best set up but I feel it gave this character to the sound which the EP needed.”

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At the moment, Superfuzz has already recorded their 12-track debut full-length album which retains their sonic imprint but also includes the band’s improved playing, production and mixing abilities. “I feel that it is well reflected in the recordings,” says Paharia. The yet to be titled album will feature straight-up rock and roll songs and also slower ballads.

The trio are working on a release date for the album while also trying to look at avenues to help fund the mixing and mastering process. The drummer says, “With the lockdown situation it’s been tough to get money, we are trying to work out some options and crowdfunding is also one of them.” He adds, “The live music scene needs to be back on track so that we can manage to play and pay for putting out new music.”

Stream Superfuzz’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn and Amazon Music.

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