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New Delhi Siblings The Auduo Deliver R&B Soaked Debut Album ‘Saga City’

The eight-track record features some stellar production, slick vocals and more

David Britto Aug 17, 2021

New Delhi multi-genre siblings The Auduo. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

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With a number of singles under their belt, The Auduo, comprising New Delhi-based artists and siblings Sharon and Abhishek Bhardwaj have now dropped their debut eight-track album Saga City today.

With the notion of putting together a larger body of work, the pair decided to lean towards an R&B sounding record as their first album. “We had a couple of songs that we wanted to put together that were written way earlier and others that we created especially for the album,” says Abhishek. The musicians decided to pick the tracks that strongly resonated emotionally with them to feature on the LP. Abhishek adds, “That thought lead us to making songs that displayed these in a moody and realistic kind of way.”

To further dramatize that thought, the record’s title and album art as an ode to the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Sharon says, “There’s so much going on in that game and somehow it felt like the perfect fit for our album. The colors, the aura, the artwork itself is such a queer form of representing powerful elements.”

Saga City opens with the boomy and jazz meets R&B sounding “Late Night/Early Morning” that represents a no-strings-attached kind of love that leads towards something more. On the dance-induced “Levitate” the artists sing about manifesting one’s goals while the groovy synth offering “Heat” is all about “intense and carnal love.” The spacey “Karma is a Bee” talks of not wasting one’s energy and instead letting karma do its thing whereas the sugary “Baby I” displays “a meeting of the right souls at the wrong time and wrong place.”

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The Auduo’s ode to music is heard on the pulsating “Turn Up The Music.” The record’s closer is the moody “I Got Time” and tells the story of meeting a soulmate as the LP closes with the guitar-aided “Refill” and is about “refilling your soul with emotions and all that comes with it.”

Bolstered with top-notch production across the record, what stands out most on Saga City is the coming together of Abhishek and Sharon’s voices as they harmonize beautifully with one another and complement each other’s vocal abilities. In the works are collaborations The Auduo is planning. Sharon says, “We have too many plans on collaborating with more artists and hopefully it all works out great and you all get to listen to those pieces as well.”

Stream ‘Saga City’ on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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