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New International Music: Sublime Prog, Menacing Electronica and More

This month we round up the latest releases from across the globe, including avant-garde rock, shred-heavy metal and sinister synth

Rolling Stone India Jun 14, 2017
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“Bestariusz” by Peura

We’re pretty sure that by now, even multi-instrumentalist Vishal J Singh is likely to lose count of the number of project he’s part of. The latest one is Peura, with Singh on guitars and production duties, Polish vocalist and guitarist Svavighar and San Diego-based pianist/keyboardist Jake Linder. The first taste the group’s atmospheric brand of rock comes in the form of “Bestariusz,” the Polish word for Bestiary, a single off their debut EP Red Notebook

Exodus by Andy James

Andy James ”“ the guitarist for erstwhile UK heavy metallers Sacred Mother Tongue ”“ has already scaled the top 10 metal charts on iTunes with his just-released album Exodus. The 10-track treat isn’t just for axmen, but also for anyone who digs the variety James brings in his virtuoso style.

Symbolic. Real. Imaginary by Syreim 

Vocalist-bassist Kaitie Sly and guitarist-producer Sandesh Nagaraj present a haunting and surreal soundscape on their four-track debut EP Symbolic. Real. Imaginary. There’s an unsettling cryptic quality to Sly’s vocals, layered over a string section and ominous but sparse percussion on songs like “The Real” and “Black Legend.”

“Bloom” by Vespera

Here’s why you need to know about Vespera ”“ it’s got everything for fans of modern metal, as indicated in their lead single “Bloom,” off their upcoming album The Thoughts That Plague You. There’s an ebb and flow of crunching riffs and soaring vocals against contemplative melodies. Frontman Jonathan Wolfe ”“ a former touring member with the likes of post-hardcore act Slaves and metal/rock band Falling In Reverse ”“ is also set to feature on the upcoming album from Indian-American prog metallers Skyharbor.      

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“Obey!” by Volker

French metallers Volker have latched on to quite the genre-defying sound. On their lead single “Obey!” there’s the seething energy of metal laced with influences from grunge, horror punk and a bit of classic rock. With their latest album Dead Doll, Volker might just make a global mark faster than we know.

Red Bird by Outrun the Sunlight

Chicago instrumental quartet Outrun the Sunlight take the best parts of meditative, layered post-rock and set it against the emotionally-heightening intensity of progressive metal on their new EP Red Bird. On “Synergy,” after teasing with delay-heavy guitars, they burst into mind-boggling rhythmic patterns, while “The Danger of Alignment” has a roomy sludginess to it, taking influence from the likes of instrumental rock/metal act Cloudkicker.

“What’s Wrong” by PVRIS

The American electro-rock trio continue to explore sinister-meets-synth on “What’s Wrong,” the second single off their upcoming sophomore album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell. The track displays a new side to PVRIS with an unexpected dance vibe, thrumming bassline and upbeat percussion while retaining the band’s signature darkness courtesy frontwoman Lynn Gunn’s soaring vocals and the video’s haunting, black and white imagery.

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