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New metal: Death metal from Delhi and Sci-Fi Prog from Pune

There’s no dearth of emerging metal bands in India and this week’s top picks include bands that cater to all kinds of playlists – thrash or even futuristic science fiction.

Nabeela Shaikh May 21, 2015
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Seth at Urban Assault

Mumbai-based thrash/groove metal band SETH formed in 2012 are steadily gaining a following. Having played at a host of college festivals and performed alongside acts like Elemental, Zero Gravity and Providence, this five-member band most recently performed at the second edition of Urban Assault with a brief but powerful set of originals such as “Grudge Unleashed” and “Dying Hate.” Delivering a raw sound with a hint of progressive elements, Seth is a band to watch out for. Check out their single “Grudge Unleashed,” which was released in 2012.


Gaia’s Throne

Gaia's Throne

A 31st century setting complete with super evolved humans, alien invaders and the threat of intergalactic warfare are just a few of the elements crucial to the music of Gaia’s Throne. Being primarily concept-driven, the five-member band’s music is based on an elaborate back-story and refined by the band members themselves, right to the last detail. This five-member power/prog act, formed in 2012, deliver a classic heavy metal sound, fueled by catchy hooks and basslines. Be sure to run through their blog page to fully understand their music.



Fragarak Pandemonium Delhi

Although Fragarak has been active since early 2011, it is only of late that they are receiving the recognition they deserve, both within India and parts of South-East Asia. The independent release of their debut album Crypts of Dissimulation was received positively. This four-member death metal-meets-prog band from New Delhi is known for complex rhythms and an overall ominous vibe to fit their Celtic influences.

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 Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

Indore isn’t exactly known to be the epicenter of Indian metal, but things could very likely change with the coming of a band like Zero Gravity. This female-fronted four-member death metal band, formed in August 2012, is one of the fiercest upcoming acts, undeterred by their shaky drummer line-up. Best described as death metal with a progressive edge that boasts ruthless vocals and blast beats, Zero Gravity’s sound is one that will stick with you for a while.

The Grim Mage

The Grim Mage

Here’s one for all the Black Sabbath and/or Bad Brains fans: The Grim Mage from Bengaluru effortlessly fuse [Sabbath bassist] Geezer Butler-inspired basslines with punk elements borrowed from classic early acts like American hardcore punk band Black Flag and horror punk progenitors The Misfits. If you ardently follow Bengaluru doom act Djinn and Miskatonic, then this down tuned trio formed in 2014 shouldn’t be too far behind. This three-piece act is all set to spread some gloom and doom at BOA 2015 with originals like “One Last Smoke”:


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