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New Metal: Hear the Latest from Alien Sky Cult, Wired Anxiety, The Chronic Legion and More

A look at all the latest in heavy music coming out across sub-genres and across the country

Anurag Tagat May 05, 2020

New Delhi metallers Alien Sky Cult. Photo: Ravi Juneja

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“Glass Cannon” by Alien Sky Cult

Following up their 2019-end release “Inanimate,” North East India’s metal/hardcore band Alien Sky Cult are out with their new single “Glass Cannon.” Swerving from typically modern metal rhythms into intense hardcore portions and rousing gang shouts, the song talks about taking a stand in the wake of fascism. Taken from their upcoming untitled album, “Glass Cannon” offers melodic metal in its most up to date form, making Alien Sky Cult a must-hear for fans of bands such as Architects, In Hearts Wake and Northlane.

The Chronic Legion EP by The Chronic Legion

In the works since around 2017, New Delhi metallers The Chronic Legion are finally out with their debut self-titled EP. Formed in 2013, the five-member band bring together crushing modern metal arrangements on songs like “Delirium” and “Age of Lies,” while amping up the chaos on the metalcore-leaning “Decade of War,” which features Mumbai-based multi-instrumentalist producer Vishal J. Singh adding parts. “Tryambaka” brings together more unsparing riffage that moves at lightning speed and offers breakdowns too. Taking a page from the likes of prog rock/metal band Skyharbor, there’s ever-morphing djent on their closing track “Hollow Memories,” making this a cracking debut.

“Dreaded Chains of Obscurity” by Eternal Returns

Thane-based metallers Eternal Returns released their latest song in March, offering an aural assault that’s new territory for them. Across seven minutes, Eternal Returns get into rattling start-stop rhythms, visceral growls and gritty riffage. The song, which is inspired by Greek mythological figure Prometheus, details oppression and punishment, closing with a cinematic, foreboding spoken word outro.

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“Curled in Fetal Position” by Spectense

One of the newer metal bands on the block, Spectense bring together prog metal in the vein of Tool as well as cutthroat metal seemingly inspired by the likes of Lamb of God on their debut single “Curled in Fetal Position.” The music video gathers footage of strife from all around the globe in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with Spectense seen in their respective homes playing out their new song in all its twisted and melodic heaviness.

“Burn” by Wired Anxiety

Bred in Mumbai and now based in different parts of the U.S. (with the exception of drummer Sumeet Ninawe, who’s in Mumbai), metallers Wired Anxiety are keeping the music coming regardless of distance and other commitments. Out of Atlanta and Pittsburgh, their new song “Burn” brings together breakneck death metal madness, adding cracking bass work from American death metallers Decrepit Birth bassist Sean Martinez. Getting into downright terrifying vocal layers toward the end, Wired Anxiety are still clearly flying the death metal flag high.

Healer by Joel Sastry

In the works for nearly five years, Hyderabad-origin and Amsterdam-based guitarist and composer Joel Sastry – previously part of metallers Skrypt –  is out with his new record Healer. While Skrypt was undoubtedly heavier, Sastry also played in pop and gospel bands in India and Holland. Healer, however, is sufficiently in the prog rock and metal space, a guitar rock EP across six tracks that dives into different moods, seemingly drawing from guitar aces like Steve Vai as it does from newer instrumental rock/metal bands like Intervals and Plini, as heard in songs like “Longing.” It’s a break-free record that goes heavy on the soaring solos.

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Maladie Mortelle by Krayl

Kalyan-based guitarist, vocalist and composer Souvik Das has been involved in a few black metal projects, but Krayl is one that gets a new release after nearly seven years. The grimy, infernal four-track EP Maladie Mortelle has a glistening lead streaming through it on songs like “Death of the Worthless Peasant,” whereas “Curse of the Burning Witch” is overbearing and deliberately lo-fi in its production, lending itself to a drone-like sonic treatment. This one’s for diehard black metal fans.

“The Haunting” by Eyes of the Martyr

Guwahati prog metallers Eyes of the Martyr are their sharpest and certainly most incisive on “The Haunting,” which talks about rising above mental health struggles in the most suitably metal way possible. The band ends up personifying depression and anxiety only to unleash violent ends over punchy riffage. The song is taken from an upcoming EP, which is expected later this year.

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