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New Metal: Hear Heavy Hitter Tunes from Undying Inc, New Supergroup Hollow Point and More

This month, check out the latest from newer artists such as guitarist-composer Anubhav Silas, Kolkata band Atmahatya, Delhi/Jaipur outfit Archonist and Hyderabad prog act Revival

Anurag Tagat Aug 25, 2020

Metallers Undying Inc's 2019 lineup: Sunneith Revankar, Ezra Helios, Jerry Nelson Ranee and Biswarup Gupta (clockwise from top left). Photo: Sagnik Karmakar (Revankar); Puneet Jain and Yeashu Yuvraj (Gupta, Helios); courtesy of the artist (Ranee)

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“Decimate” by Undying Inc

Just over a year since the release of “Glock” with their rejigged lineup – now including vocalist Sunneith Revankar and drummer Jerry Nelson Ranee – metallers Undying Inc return with a new song called “Decimate.” Showcasing a band that’s perhaps slightly more settled with each other, guitarist Biswarup Gupta and bassist Ezra Helios smash through chaotic rhythmic patterns almost effortlessly as everything locks into a grid. Revankar growls about the urge to “feel the secret math/Coursing from the ages/Through your veins.” As violent and rattling as ever, Undying are keeping the faith.

“Downfall” by Hollow Point

Following their cutthroat debut song “Fubar” in June, Mumbai-Hyderabad death metal supergroup Hollow Point – comprising members of Godless, Gutslit and Devoid – ramp up the aural assault with their new song “Downfall.” Also just shy of the two-minute mark, Hollow Point burst out the door with a heavy arsenal – grindcore, hardcore punk blast beats relent only to morph into wiry riffs that are informed by death metal lunacy. Supplied with a video that shows all members performing their parts from home, Hollow Point stay acerbic and topical as ever on “Downfall,” with mentions of “deep rooted fractures” and how “a virus will reveal us for all that we just aren’t.”

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“Born to Fight” by Archonist

Jaipur/New Delhi hard rock/alt metal band Archonist first came together in 2012 and went on a hiatus in 2013, only to return in 2019 after a six-year gap. Their debut single now arrives with the sublime American hard rock-informed song “Born to Fight,” taken from an upcoming album called Endless Highways. Drawing from the likes of Alter Bridge, U.K. prog masters Porcupine Tree and more, Archonist pack in arena-sized hooks and fist-tight, surging riffage. Even if the production leaves a bit to be desired, Archonist have clearly spent the years honing their songwriting.

“Aliens” by Revival

Bearing a signature prog styling that likely draws from Indo-American band Skyharbor, Hyderabad prog rock/metal band Revival are breathy, emphatic and deliver positive reinforcement with their latest single “Aliens.” Formed in 2008, the band may have an underlying Christian message, but it didn’t clearly stop them from winning college competitions between 2012 and 2019. With two vocalists – Sugumar Solomon and Bhanu Chaterji – and two guitarists – Sandeep Solomon and Timothy Jonan – Revival is completed by bassist Rufus Simon, drummer Sukumar Franu and keyboardist Neerav Nehemiah. Extolling the power of “miracle makers,” the song brings together a strong guitar lead and anthemic vocals over prog structures.

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“1947 Ek Sorojontro” by Atmahatya

Bengali death metal band Atmahatya originally came together in 2006 but disbanded by 2009 owing to lineup changes and other commitments. By 2017, however, revival was in progress as they released singles such as “1971” and “Mritoder Andhokup.” A few years on, there’s now a playthrough version of their song “1947 Ek Sorojontro,” which was written in 2007 to address the conspiracies and cover-ups that now exist in history books. Vocalist and founder member Debasish Pradhan sings about “rotten lies” and how “Time cannot be altered, even if you write it in the books of state.”

“Psalm 24” by Anubhav Silas

Released in June, the debut single from New Delhi guitarist-composer Anubhav Silas showcases not just elastic riff writing and rhythmic gymnastics that we expect from prog artists, but also a radiant tone that recalls the likes of Australian guitar whiz Plini and Canadian act Intervals. With guitar layers and soaring harmonics overlapping into well coiled djent riffs and plenty of synth work to tie it all together, “Psalm 24” is a sign of a budding songwriter in Silas.


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