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A New Multi-Genre Festival Kicks Off 2019 in Puducherry

The Catamaran Beach Festival brings together two days of music, including sets by rock band Jhanu, electronic producers Hashback Hashish, Pulpy Shilpy and more

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Dec 28, 2018
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If your plans for a New Year’s Eve party involves finding something for everyone, there are events such as Catamaran Beach Festival that trades the debauchery for something more experiential.

Taking place on December 30th and 31st at the Chinna Veerampattinam Beach in Puducherry, the Catamaran Beach Festival is the latest on the music festival block. The lineup across two days features the likes of Tamil rock band Jhanu, hip-hop artist MC Kaur, alternative singer-songwriter Pulpy Shilpy, electronic music producers such as Hashback Hashish, Ezzyland, GMB and more. Also on the billing are Carnatic rock band The Iyer Project, indie rock artist Bjorn Surrao and Band, producer Unnayanaa and reggae DJ/producer Dakta Dub. The total comes up to 18 artists across two days.

The festival’s director Prasad Radhakrishnan says, “While Catamaran the company is more than a year old, the beach festival came about just a month ago. For a perspective on wider scope of things, me and Roy (Dipankar, programming head) have been preparing the blueprints of a plan that involves venue space, programming, artist residency and a platform for sustainable subculture. Catamaran Beach Festival 2018 will be a launch and way forward.”

Apart from the music, Catamaran Beach Festival also promises local activities such as catamaran rides, seafood delicacies and homestays with tent spaces. Entry to the festival costs Rs 999 for December 30th, Rs 1,999 for December 31st and Rs 2,799 for a season pass.

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Tickets available on Insider. More event details here.

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