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New Music: Extreme Metal from Tripura, Punk Rock from Jabalpur, Hip-Hop from New Delhi and More

Check out the latest releases from producer Vinayak Chopra, guitarist-composer Rounak Chawla’s proggy debut single and Kerala beatsmith Pina Colada Blues’ latest collaboration, amongst others

Anurag Tagat Mar 12, 2021

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aditya Kambhampati. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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“Shaayad” by Vinayak Chopra ft Shekhar Yadav

Punctuated by playful percussive elements (some that are entirely a cappella), producer-songwriter Vinayak Chopra’s folksy debut single “Shaayad” can brighten up any room it finds its way into. Featuring sprightly vocals by Shekhar Yadav, the song is all about determinism and persevering.

“Saira” by Keethan

Teaming up once again with go-to violinist Shravan Sridhar (although it’s just a sample this time), producer-singer Keethan crafts a sweeping, melodramatic new song called “Saira.” Releasing music since 2019, there’s a lo-fi sonic aesthetic that the producer gradually builds through the heartbreaking track, which is supplied with a grainy VHS-filtered visualizer of Keethan at the beach.

“Since ‘91” by Rounak Chawla

Mumbai-based guitarist and composer Rounak Chawla digs into an emotive post-rock/prog sound with his debut single “Since ’91,” which features drummer Pushkar Joshi (from metallers Primitiv) and bassist Sourya Mukherjee (from Pune instrumental act Celestial Teapot). The journeying six-and-a-half minute track is taken from Chawla’s upcoming debut EP Second Bite of the Apple, which will release later this year.

“Unpredictable Beast” by Secrets of Silence

Agartala-based black/thrash metal band Secrets of Silence dissect the untenable position of the human race as “sophisticated creatures” in the midst of nature on their cut-throat new song “Unpredictable Beast.” Formed in 2019, the four-member band ramp up an aural assault of the extreme metal variety on their latest release.

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“Laalten” by Aditya

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aditya Kambhampati delves into murkier sonic terrains as he steadily constructs the mood on his latest song “Laalten.” The self-produced track weighs in with intricate guitar work as well as cinematic string arrangements, plus wistful lyrics penned by Aditya Karhadkar. It doesn’t expectedly build up to the swell we’d expect but the moody track still hits the spot.

“Iravukal/Nights” by Pina Colada Blues, GWS, XACHIN

Teaming up with Kerala vocalists XACHIN aka Sachin Saju Chemmanur and GWS aka Glen Koshy George, producer Pina Colada Blues aka Kevin Shaji’s latest is a night time appropriate listen, laying down swirling electronic beats and wavy synth lines not too far removed from the likes of Tame Impala. Featuring lyrics by Mary Liya Paul and GWS, “Iravukal/Nights” is described by the producer as an “ode to fading memories and unhealed wounds of love.”

“October” by Rushabh Roymon

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh-based singer-songwriter Rushabh Roymon takes the classic slacker punk route on his latest single “October,” channeling the likes of Green Day. The bright punk love song is his Roymon’s second single, following “Kindness Is the New Normal,” which released last year. The artist has also gone and released another track showing off his punk roots, on the emo collab “Now It’s Your Call,” featuring Jabalpur artists such as Jazzwal aka Akash Jaiswal and Pelezs.

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“Bhari Bazma” by TNTBeatz, Kartik, Sahil

New Delhi crew Kalakartist’s latest release – featuring producer TntBeatz aka Tanuj Dhawan and rappers Sahil K. and Kartik – is a hard-hitting condemnation of ineptitude and moral corruption in the India’s power structures, called “Bhari Bazma.” A label for the last four years, Kalakartist rap about “social evil” but aim to put out a positive message of overcoming those problems. “Bhari Bazma” is centered around a dialog sample taken from 1970 film Mera Naam Joker, starring Raj Kapoor.

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