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New Music: Multi-Lingual Hip-Hop, Dogri Psych Rock, Kolkata Prog and More

We round up the latest from electronic/pop artist Kavya, Bengaluru duo BTRPT and Nikhil Bejai, producer collective Jwala and Pune artist Mineral. amongst others

Anurag Tagat Sep 28, 2020

New releases from Friends of Linger, singer-producer Kavya Trehan and Chennai-based teenaged producer Ankith Gupta. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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“7500” by Ankith Gupta

All of 16 years old, Chennai-based producer Ankith Gupta leaps for the record books with his new song “7500,” which claims to hold the title of song composed by an individual in maximum languages. Gupta rounds up artists from all over the globe to feature 14 languages on the slick-styled song, including Swedish, Nepali, Bangla, Arabic, Tamil, Kannada and more.

“Quin” by Kavya

Offering a signature nuanced electronic-pop croon, Kavya Trehan sings openheartedly about nurturing oneself. The spontaneity of the song is heard not just in Trehan’s verses (“I can’t believe I’m in front of a mic and singing a song about it”) but also in the vulnerable visuals shot in Los Angeles in 2017. Produced by Mumbai-based Rohan Rajadhyaksha, “Quin” builds hazily to showcase gloomy soundscapes, mirroring Trehan’s lyrics.

“Rum & Her” by Tansen ft Atteev

Following his debut single “Varanasi” earlier this year, lo-fi and chill-hop producer Tansen returns with a tune for late night love on “Rum & Her.” Partnering with vocalist Atteev Bhansali and Aashish Anthony adding bass and ukulele parts, “Rum & Her” pulls in seemingly tropical rhythms as a hook, while the verses are dreamy and sprawling.

“Ghut” by BTRPT x Nikhil Bejai

Featuring a striking video that takes a surreal turn, Bengaluru duo BTRPT aka Akshay Ramuhalli and Nikhil Bejai get experimenting on electronic, pop and psychedelic on their new song “Ghut.” The supernatural-themed music video – directed by Navneet Mishra – goes over well with seemingly whimsical sonic flourishes, twisting itself to offer absurd aural and visual delights.

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“I Am Who I Am” by Friends of Linger

Sending out an important reminder about pride across the rainbow, New Delhi act Friends of Linger call on over 30 individuals to star in the music video of their soaring new track “I Am Who I Am.” The cast includes several members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community, including singer-songwriter John Oinam, filmmaker-writer Tanuja Chandra, artist-activist Anwesh Sahoo and tennis player/singer-songwriter Somdev Devvarman, amongst others.

“Hasda Phirda” by Bhau

Jammu-origin, Bengaluru-based Rohit Singh Bhau returns with a new Dogri song, this time offering psychedelic rock with the wavy, reverb-drenched new song “Hasda Phirda.” Featuring skittering guitar work that’s layered, Bhau’s delivery is roomy and wistful, as he shows off his prowess as both guitarist as well as vocalist.

New Light by Jwala

It’s been about three years since young electronic music producers collective Jwala had a release out but their latest compilation New Light seems to reboot impeccably. Producer-vocalist Cowboy & Sailor Man aka Apurv Agrawal offers Bon Iver-esque succor on “Not To Self (Yesterday),” while Moebius aka Nikunj Patel offers a futuristic, horn section sampled banger on “Shtick.” Dolorblind aka Rohan Sinha pushes the compilation into even more lightheaded, ambient terrains with “Gush,” while producers Hedrun aka Palash Kothari, Cash (Rishit Kolian) and 4lienetic (Sugam Khetam) get on a six-minute heady trip that’s mind-melting.

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“Messenger From The West” by Pathetic Disillusion

Kolkata prog metallers Pathetic Disillusion fuse together all the things we love about stalwarts such as Opeth, TesseracT and more to pour it into their molten debut single “Messenger From The West.” While the riffs angle themselves impossibly, the band surprises when they bow out with an Indian classical vocal harmony to go over the dexterous rhythmic work.

“Open Up” by Mineral. ft. Urvashi

Pune-based label Maaya Sound releases singer-songwriter Nikhil Gaikwad aka Mineral.’s latest song “Open Up,” which hones in on an ethereal sound that wanders fluidly, with help from fellow Punekar vocalist Urvashi Mahashabde. The vocals meld effortlessly for what is an experimental, downbeat track whose true wonder is best heard with headphones.

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