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New Music: Bengaluru Metalcore, J-Step, Goan Ambient and more

This week, we roundup noteworthy releases across the country, from Mumbai rocker Adam Avil to Portuguese-Manipuri folk fusion

Anurag Tagat May 24, 2017
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“Universal Lack of Hygiene” by We’ll Decide on Wednesday

You’ve probably never heard anyone emote so much to a broken shower and slippery soap bars. And that’s just where Bengaluru metallers We’ll Decide on Wednesday start from on their latest lyric video, which is apparently inspired by all those years adjusting to hostel life. You might just do a double take on the lyrics, but the band certainly has a grip on their metal.


“Kawaii Killer” by Karan Kanchan

Let’s face it ”“ dubstep is not the most likable of genres. There’s an instant distaste for it from so many corners, but that’s when it’s clichéd. Pune-based Karan Kanchan takes his obsession with Japanese culture with a few voice samples and more to craft a bonkers energy-level song called “Kawaii Killer,” one that gets pulses racing right from the start.


“Buddha” by Adam Avil

From his debut album Relentless, which was recorded live at Cotton Press Studio, Mumbai-based rocker Adam Avil brings out a solid, spiritual but gritty centrepiece. “The most important thing which I love to do is guitar-based music,” says the musician. Relentless extends to fall into the blues/rock category from the almost six-minute instrumental “Buddha” which according to Avil is his “signature tune.”

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Tearfrost by The Forbidden Ritual

From the (somewhat) chill terrain of Dehradun, there’s the raging death metal of The Forbidden Ritual, who came together in 2014. With help from ace producer Keshav Dhar in New Delhi, the band have a slick, brutal mix of death metal that is almost endlessly pummelling     (“Elation in Oblation”) but also has its sprawling prog-leaning moments (“Petrichor”), which makes it all in all never too dull.


“Koi Chara” by Deepak Peace

Nothing like a troubador talking about troubled times. Pune-based Deepak Peace, who released his debut album Aaj ke Naam in February, has everything Dylan-esque about him ”“ from the placards a la “Subterranean Homesick Blues” to a stripped down guitar and harmonica-led melody, picking apart everything about the country ”“ from its politics to the media and religion.


“Nura Pakhang (Eu e tu)” by Clã+ Mangka


For all the times Indian fusion music has been overdone and stale, there’s a breath of freshness in T(h)ree Vol. 6, whose first single features Manipuri folk star Mangka and Portuguese pop-rockers Clã. Entirely produced over the internet ”“ email exchanges and all ”“ the song features a mix of Manipuri and Portuguese vocals, with a video shot across the two countries about when a polo player falls in love.

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Chaos and Symphony by Reeves

Goa-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Royston D’Souza’s solo project Reeves ”“ which started out in 2016 ”“ has a lot going for it. The sparkling, cinematic guitar and synth lines on his debut EP Chaos and Symphony morph with just the right amount of diversity to keep listeners interested for the three-track release, especially closing strong with the emphatic “Lost Sheep.”

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