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New Music: From Bengaluru Tech-Death to Kolkata Electronica

This month, we round up the latest releases from Disco Puppet, Hybrid Protokol and more

Anurag Tagat Sep 27, 2017

Artwork for Imphal-based metallers Lucifer-X's EP 'Project Xtermination'.

“Eyes Closed” by All Seeing Eye

Bengaluru tech-death metallers All Seeing Eye serve an unpredictably brutal volley of riffs, complex drum signatures and a stark raving vocalist who can glare straight into the camera like he knows your damned soul. Their second single, however, is just a two-minute peek into their mad world ”“ one that goes from jazzy guitars to full blown slamming rhythms.

“Xtreme Tech” by Lucifer-X

Coming in from Imphal armed with some pissed-off thrash metal are Lucifer-X, every bit crushing and soaring on the first release off their upcoming EP Project Xtermination. After an imposing two-and-a-half minute instrumental thrash assault, the band takes aim at “political violence and mass suffering,” something that’s embellished with their eyebrow-raising artwork featuring an explosion at a marketplace.

“Korruption Kauses Katastrophe” by Killkount

We’d say something about bands that love to overdo the “kvlt” lettering and writing style for song titles””from Xs to Ks””but Bhopal band Killkount’s death metal lead single does all the talking once you look past the name. Sort of in the vein of their peers Elemental, “Korruption Kauses Katastrophe” is a can’t-fail mosh-starter.

Numbskull by Numbskull

Pune rockers Numbskull’s debut EP is a mix of expected (and sometimes unexciting) tropes that we hear plenty in grunge and alt rock, but there are a few surprises along the way ”“ from the cheeky melodic references to Chinese music on “Confucius Say” to the metal-edged guitar tones that run throughout, on the groovy “iFall.”

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“Kalakar” by Jainam Mehta X the Rapping Machine

A winner of the Best Electronica Artist in 2015 and making beats out of Jamnagar, Gujarat, Jainam Mehta teams up with Bhopal artist The Rapping Machine a.k.a. Amaan Khan for a track that’s inspired by Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s suicide, the effects of substance abuse and fame on mental health””all over a loud, raging bass-heavy bedrock of electronic music.

Princess This by Disco Puppet

It’s been just a little over three years since Bengaluru-based producer-drummer Shoumik Biswas began releasing music as Disco Puppet, starting with Astronot EP. Now releasing music with record label Consolidate, the 10-track Princess This is an enchanting, twisted trip in which Biswas throws in frenzied bass, auto-tune vocals and the most ominous drum tone you’ll ever hear, almost like a score to a videogame where you’re traversing a circle of hell.

“Beyond the Light ft Vasuda” by Hybrid Protokol

Kolkata electronica duo Hybrid Protokol team up with Vasuda Sharma for an uplifting, pop-centric tune that evokes Indipop nostalgia (courtesy of Sharma’s Hindi vocal harmonies) as much as future-leaning synth layers and basslines. Although a slight departure from the high-energy electronica of Hybrid Protokol, “Beyond the Light” still maintains that club-friendly, live production.


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